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Something new on the horizon!

Starting today, I am going to be sharing a humble little “project” that is in the works.  It all stems from my frustration that although I am creating literally thousands of images a year as a photographer and “artist” I have almost nothing on the walls of my own home and office to show for it!   I want beautiful interesting contemporary art decorating my walls and acting as centerpieces for each room but really incredible art is expensive (as it should be) and whats on the shelves of department stores just doesn’t quite cut it for me (how many of you at one time had a verging-on-hideous floral “painting” up in your home that you sort of hated but didn’t have anything else to put up to fill that space!? I am envisioning one right now from our first apartment and it is giving me chills just thinking about it. haha).

Over the course of the next few months I am going to stick my neck out there (yikes!) and share with you the collections of art that I am working on.  Where am I headed with all this?  I have a few BIG ideas up my sleeve but for now, I will just share with you the collections as they come together and I would love (and appreciate) your feedback.

I will be compiling these collections, for now, under a new category on my blog called “Fine Art” which to me, should not be a name that I have the right to give to my own work (it sounds a bit presumptuous I think!) but I just don’t know what else to call it. haha.

In all of the collections I hope to communicate themes of simplicity, a bit of minimalism and abstract with a focus on color palette and composition.  I hope to use my camera more like a paintbrush and leave some mystery about what the subject is or how the piece was created.  Most importantly (as there is a lot of…ahm…”art” out there) I want all of it to be something that I would hang in my own home proudly.

This is an enormous departure from what you guys know me for and I appreciate you letting me use this space to share it with you.  This is just the first of many!  Your thoughts are always welcome.


FAQ: What to wear to your engagement shoot!

Happy almost New Year!  In honor of all of you couples who got engaged over Christmas (CONGRATS!!!) I wanted to post a little article to get you excited and ready for your engagement shoot!  This is a fabulous article from (a great resource!) about what to wear and bring to your engagement shoot complete with eye candy images for you!  Enjoy!

Getting ready for your engagement shoot? Wondering what to wear and bring?

First, talk to your photographer about what he or she has in mind for the E shoot. The photog will ask you to bring a few changes of clothes, about two or three outfits. Choose outfits that are very “you,” but that photograph nicely. Of course, wear something you feel comfortable lying down, jumping, hugging, and moving around in (you’ll be doing all of these poses), but also consider the colors, shape, and patterns that will look the best on film. Light colors and tiny prints don’t photograph as well as dark colors or brights (which are also slimming).

Dresses are always a great choice. I love a girl in a wrap dress, which is universally flattering. Or, try accentuating the smallest part of your waist with a belt to look pretty and shapely. And as for your groom-to-be, don’t get too matchy-matchy. His outfits should complement yours (check out Stephanie & Jose below; she’s in a purple dress and he’s in a purple tie).

Many shots will be full-length, so make sure you wear great shoes. If you’re more comfortable in black or neutrals, hooray for bright, colorful shoes! They really catch your eye in the photos.

Your photog will scout the locations he or she wants to use before the shoot. E shoots should be outdoors, forget a studio portrait. Try a field, an urban street setting, or even your home. This is where wearing bright colors comes in — you and your fiance will really pop off the backdrop.

Talk to your photographer about what props you might want to include. Stephanie & Stephen below incorporated awesome vintage cameras into their shot. Joanna & Cooper did part of their E shoot with a watering can and another part in Cooper’s kitchen, cooking breakfast. Bradley & Jordyn also used a slew of great props: a bicycle, basket of peaches, even a puppy! Also, consider a bouquet of wildflowers, balloons, an old car, your kids — whatever embodies you and enlivens the shot.

Finally, just relax and let loose. Kiss, hug, climb a tree, give him a piggyback ride, eat cotton candy. I love how E shoots have evolved from a studio portrait or single bridal portrait to the carefree, colorful shoots of today.

One of my favorite E shoots of all time is a great example of what to wear. Bright polka dots are perfect! {Shot by Punam Bean}

More of Ashley & Andy’s shoot — outfit #2! Look how her red dress and his complementary navy suit pop right off the background.

See how Stephanie and Stephen used a prop to get playful in their shoot? Plus, you can’t go wrong with a sweet dress, wide waist belt and cowboy boots! {Shot by Jasmine Star}

Wear a bright shoe! Yellow, pink, red, blue … Plus, her black tights are slimming and stylish. {Shot by Sloan Photo}

Stephanie & Jose look like a polished pair without being too matchy. Lilac is a great color on film!

Wear a big, bold print, not a small one. Chelsey’s shiny floral dress is perfection. And, don’t be afraid to show off your assets (she has great legs, doesn’t she?)! E shoots are about fun, personality, and a little sass.

Joanna’s dress has all the components of a perfect outfit for an E shoot: 1. Bright color, 2. Wrap dress that’s subtly sexy, and 3. Ruffles! (OK, I just like ruffles.) The white chairs in her fiance’s backyard are a great prop, too.

Here’s an example of a delicate print that works. This couple shot in an open field, so Jordyn’s dress and bright yellow heels become the focal point against a subtle backdrop. Bradley’s simple white shirt and bow tie complement the vintage feel. {Shot by Simply Bloom}

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very merry and blessed Christmas from my family to yours!



**Photograph by Marissa Moss (thanks for family photo swap friend!) and card design by Ashlee Proffitt Design!

A precious little Christmas surprise! *Tampa Newborn Photographer*

Meet little Miss Brooklyn.  Mom Meredith contacted me a while back and we made plans for a fabulous maternity shoot to be followed by a newborn shoot once baby arrived after Christmas.  Well, lets just say this little angel had other plans and decided to come a week before the planed maternity shoot and 5 whole weeks before her due date!  Surprise!   I was super sad that we didn’t get to do the maternity shoot but I told Meredith that little Brooklyn was like the “holy grail” of newborns to photograph….tiny (she was a premie!) and oh so sleepy being just days old!!  Thank God Brooklyn didn’t have any premie complications and was cleared right away to come home from the hospital with mommy and daddy.  She was just perfect during her very first photo shoot and put up with all of my nestling her into different spaces.  Little Brooklyn already had quite the wardrobe of hats and bows to choose from for the shoot – it was hard to pick!  I literally could have stayed there all day – it was just such a pleasure to get to meet and spend time with the Nutter family:)  Here is a little sneak peak at a few of my favs from the shoot.

Don’t you just love little baby buns? :)

Dreaming about milk perhaps?

Sooooo sleepy!

Even her “mad face” is cute!!!

I can’t help but hear “Silent Night” playing in my head when I see this shot.

Hello world!

Allie + J.R. = love *Tampa Engagement Photographer*

Meet Allie and J.R!  I have had the pleasure of knowing J.R for the last few years now and even got to witness their sweet engagement just a few months back when he got down on one knee in front of tons of friends at an ice skating rink and asked Allie to be his wife! (I have never seen a more excited response EVER than the one Allie gave that night…so sweet).  You may recognize her from her stint as a stunning model in one of my recent photography workshops. These two are both absolutely incredible people.  My husband and I joked once that, out of all the guys we know, J.R. would be the one most likely to be able to win in a back ally fight with just his bare hands and yet also be trusted to raise your children.  haha.  Of course I was so excited when, after rallying their friends to cast literally billions of votes, they won (well actually tied!) in my recent couples session giveaway!

In knowing these guys and planning for the shoot I knew that I wanted it to be fun and sweet and colorful…that was my starting point:)  They wanted to incorporate their mutual love for God, love of music, and love of the Steelers. haha.  I am always up for a challenge and I think these shots beautifully and casually reflect all of the things that make this couple so amazing.  J.R. and Allie – we love you guys so much and absoultely cannot wait to see you tie the knot next year.  You are an amazing couple, a great example to others and God is seriously going to bless your marriage and all that you accomplish together for Him!

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