Starting today, I am going to be sharing a humble little “project” that is in the works.  It all stems from my frustration that although I am creating literally thousands of images a year as a photographer and “artist” I have almost nothing on the walls of my own home and office to show for it!   I want beautiful interesting contemporary art decorating my walls and acting as centerpieces for each room but really incredible art is expensive (as it should be) and whats on the shelves of department stores just doesn’t quite cut it for me (how many of you at one time had a verging-on-hideous floral “painting” up in your home that you sort of hated but didn’t have anything else to put up to fill that space!? I am envisioning one right now from our first apartment and it is giving me chills just thinking about it. haha).

Over the course of the next few months I am going to stick my neck out there (yikes!) and share with you the collections of art that I am working on.  Where am I headed with all this?  I have a few BIG ideas up my sleeve but for now, I will just share with you the collections as they come together and I would love (and appreciate) your feedback.

I will be compiling these collections, for now, under a new category on my blog called “Fine Art” which to me, should not be a name that I have the right to give to my own work (it sounds a bit presumptuous I think!) but I just don’t know what else to call it. haha.

In all of the collections I hope to communicate themes of simplicity, a bit of minimalism and abstract with a focus on color palette and composition.  I hope to use my camera more like a paintbrush and leave some mystery about what the subject is or how the piece was created.  Most importantly (as there is a lot of…ahm…”art” out there) I want all of it to be something that I would hang in my own home proudly.

This is an enormous departure from what you guys know me for and I appreciate you letting me use this space to share it with you.  This is just the first of many!  Your thoughts are always welcome.