If you didn’t read my last post then you are probably looking at this wondering if I have gone off the deep end. haha.  Well, rest assured I havn’t…yet…and for better or worse, this was intentional:)

In my line of work, generally it is what is in focus in a shot that is the most important. Some artists would argue that sometimes we get too wrapped up in seeking tack sharp images and miss the point.  I have been moved deeply by images literally swirling with emotion…the lack of focus is part of what communicates the emotion.  I wanted to stretch myself even a step beyond this to completely put aside the conventional use of the camera and instead, use the camera more like a paintbrush, focusing solely on composition of  light and color.  These images are untouched and right out of camera despite the look of some crazy digital creation.

What I love about these bold fun images is that since you know it is a photograph, your brain fights to make sense of it. It fights to make something tangible out of what you see that fits into your “photograph” schema.  When it can’t quite do that you are forced to put what you see into a different category all together! It is that mystery that makes you take a second and third closer look.  I think one qualifying characteristic of good art is that there is a mystery to it that begs you to look closer, look longer.

In my mind I picture these being printed on large canvas.  I think the pink dot image would look so fun in my daughters room.  I am really curious to see how these will translate onto canvas.  My hope is that the subtle diffusion of the colors is captured in a way that is smooth and does not give away it creation with pixels. We will just have to see!