Happy Monday!  I have a fun (and hopefully helpful) new video FAQ for you about wedding album design!  In it I answer questions about the company that I use and how I work with the clients on image selection and album design!  I hope that you enjoy it.  As always feel free to leave a comment and say hi along with any questions that you would love for me to cover in the future!  I am all about paying it forward with anything and everything that I know!  There are a few helpful link below the video as well!

P.S. Sorry for the goofy frozen image of me. haha

You can view two of my sample wedding album designs be going to main main website and clicking on “Album Previews” along the top.

You can also see a recent blog post featuring one of the actual printed albums here.  I am also working on another one of these in the coming weeks.

If you are a photographer looking to outsource your wedding album layout and design I highly recommend contacting Ashlee Proffitt (ashlee.proffitt@gmail.com) of Ashlee Proffitt Design.  She does all of my album design and I LOVE her work!