Welcome to our new series “Thursday Tips”!  Each Thursday I will be posting a tip for the bride-to-be relating to all things wedding and wedding photography. I have been to a lot of weddings, hehe, and lets be honest…I have seen a lot of things go really well, and also seen a few disasters along the way – some of which could have been avoided – and that is why I am here to help!

Today’s tip is for both the bride-to-be as well as other wedding photographers out there:

Don’t bother the bride with locating the “details” to shoot while getting ready!

Nothing is more stressful, or just plain irritating, to a bride then a photographer who has to keep asking while she is getting ready, “Where are the rings?, Where are your shoes? Where is your jewelry? Where is the veil? What were the bridesmaid’s gifts?..and on and on.  If it is important for you as the bride (or as the photographer) to have those details shoot then do a little preparation to keep the bride from having to worry about these items or even worse, have to continually stop what she is doing every few minutes to locate the details that you, or she, are interested in having shot – which only delays the getting ready process.  Sadly, this is an amateur mistake that I am embarrassed to say that I made early on.

As a bride, you can prepare ahead for this by trying to keep all of these little details together in one bag that can be handed to the photographer when they arrive.  If this is not possible then put your Maid of Honor to work on the morning of locating and and pulling together these important details for the photographer to shoot.  Communicate to her ahead of time the special details that will need to be gathered to include, shoes, wedding day jewlery, the grooms wedding gift, your veil, your something borrowed/something blue etc etc.

If you are a photographer, make friends with the Maid of Honor as soon as you get into the bridal suite and tell her that you need her to do the very important job of rounding up all of the special details that you will need to shoot.   Generally, the bridesmaids know that they are there to help make the day as stress free for the bride as possible and your Maid of Honor will likely be more then happy to lend a hand in this area!

So there you have it.  A simple tip for both the bride-to-be as well as fellow wedding photographers to take just a little more stress off of the bride on her wedding day!