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Gorgeous new wedding album sample!

Since what feels like a million years ago I have been meaning to show you guys my newest 10×10 wedding album studio sample!  If you missed the gorgeous leather 10x1o album with the awesome metal comeo image strip that I did for Abby and Josh last year after their beautiful Clearwater wedding you have to check it out.  This one, done for Lindsey and Daniel’s Sarasota wedding at the stunning Powel Crosely Estate shows off some of the fun features that my couple’s enjoy!  Ok, admittedly, these are not the most exciting pictures hahaha – I was short on time and had to shoot quickly!

**For those of you photographers out there looking for an incredible album company Forbeyon is absolutely the way to go for contemporary wedding album.  I have been floored by their work every time.  When you order your first album from them tell them that I sent you!!  For more on my album creation process and why I love Forbeyon check out this FAQ video.

Daniel and Lindsey’s album is a 10×10 Flushmount Panoramic album.  The cover features genuine imported leather which is available in a ton of great colors (this fun cover color in “Autumn” – sadly discontinued this year). Other non-leather covers are available as well – in fact, they have the most gorgeous new eco materials.  I also offer an 8×8 parent duplicate albums for mom and dad!  Couples can choose between a cameo cover featuring one of their images or the contemporary imprinting on the spine of the album…or of course both!

The inside features UV coated photographic prints that are mounted right on to thick pages with panoramic binding so that images can spread seamlessly across the full spread. GORGEOUS!  I work with a fabulously talented graphic designer Ashlee Proffitt who does all of my album layout and design.  The feel of the design layout is contemporary and minimalist with a focus on the images.  You won’t find weird overlays of images, just beautiful white space with meticulously placed images laid out in a way that tells the story of the wedding day. Sigh.

In addition to doing these gorgeous albums for my couples I am can also create them for weddings and events shot by other photographers.  So its not too late for you to get a fabulous (how many times have I used that word already?) album of your own!!  Its no secrect that albums like this one aren’t cheap but there are options and alternatives at almost every price point.  Just shoot me an e-mail and I am happy to help:)

What does pink taste like?

On Saturday we had a little a party to celebrate Chloe’s 2nd birthday.  I think when she walked into the kitchen and saw the incredible dessert table covered in pink treats provided by Natalie of Chic Sweets she knew it was going to be the best day of her little life. haha. I will post lots more fun pics in the coming days but I had to just give an enormous thank you to Natalie who did such an incredible job and is the sweetest person (how fitting!).  I don’t know how she does all that she does with a smile on her face!  Thank you Natalie!!!!

Btw I was thinking about how fun it would be to be a professional kids birthday party photographer! haha.  Maybe include a special photoshoot of the child before the party and then cover the event the way I cover weddings!  How fun would that be!?

Just a good old fashioned family portrait!

I recently “refreshed” the frames in my house with all new collections of pictures taken over the past year.  I cannot tell you when the last time that was done…two years ago maybe?  While sorting through all kinds of fun artsy images from the past year I was reminded of how incredibly special it is to have a classic family portrait, you know, the kind where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. Nothing will ever replace that.  I am going to get on a bit of a soap box here and say, please, PLEASE, make this the year that you get new portraits made and PLEEEEAAAASSE don’t cheap out and do it at a crappy local studio that shoots cookie cutter images in front of cheesy backdrops with weird props. I am begging you!  I have two friends who were talking recently about some less than quality studio experiences – one in which the two people in the back of the family group have heads about 1/6th the size of the people in the front and the other in which there was a posing mishap/optical illusion that resulted in what she jokingly refers to as her “man-leg”.  Thats it folks…captured forever…agh!!!  Please let me help you!

You don’t need a remote exotic shoot location and a whole day blocked out.  I will help you coordinate outfits in colors that will look great on film and in one hour we can have a family shot as well as individual shots of all of the kids (ok, maybe not if you have like 12 kids or something…) and we will even get an updated basic portrait of you and your husband (when was the last time THAT happened!).  Just think it over before you make an appointment at Sears or before you spend any more money on those blagh school portraits your kids get every year.  Let me help you!!

While you are thinking that over (hehe), here is a fabulous set of images from the Fennig family’s photo shoot that I did recently.  Great outfit color choices, a simple beautiful location and voila!!!  We seriously shot this full set in about 30 minutes. The simplicity and consistency between the images would make for the most incredible wall collage!  Love it.  And if you follow through to the end I have a little something for you…

Meet the Fennig family.  You may remember little Elizabeth’s 1 yr photo shoot featured recently!  Every mom’s request…”If I can only get ONE good image of all of us smiling!” Done friend.

There is just something special about the bond of brothers.  Wouldn’t it be so special to recreate this image with the boys every few years!?

Big brother Brice.  Handsome as can be.

Little brother Charlie.  Such a sweetie!  Do these boys have the best smiles or what?!

Even mom and dad got a new portrait made:)

And now, as promised, a little something for you!

You’re two today!!!

Happy 2nd birthday beautiful girl.  Thank you for all that you have taught me about being a mommy and most importantly about how much God loves us no matter what.  I thank God for the little songs that you sing and for the way we cuddle and rock and have silly time at night.  I thank God for your head full of messy curls and how you just discovered how to jump.  I thank God for how much you love your daddy – that he is your hero (and mine too!).  I thank God for how much you love your little friends and for the sweet and silly prayers that you pray before meals.  I thank God for Family Fun Friday and happy dances in the kitchen. I thank God that you love to read and sing about Jesus, even though you don’t quite know what he has done for you yet.  Our life is very full sweet one.  What your mommy and daddy lack in a plan we try to make up for in laughter and love.  Thank you for the blessing that you are. Happy birthday little Chloe.

FAQ: What is your photography philosophy?
It is no secret that there are literally hundreds of incredible photographers here in Tampa.  I know many of them personally and I would say that there are many many quality options at every price point.  With all of these awesome options I am sure that couples are often just lining up rate sheets and figuring out where they can get the most bang for their budgeted buck.  I think it has become increasingly important for photographers to figure out and communicate what it is that sets them apart, not jut for the sake of earning the couple’s business but also so that the fully educated couple knows exactly what they will be receiving.  The same is true whether you are looking for a wedding photographer or someone to photograph your son’s 3 yr portraits. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and want to answer this question but first, I would like to rephrase the question into the more fun version of itself… “if your photography business were a clothing store which would it be?” haha.

My answer:

I think of it this way…You walk into H&M or Forever 21 (cue the dance music – umpt umpt umpt umpt) and you find trend, quantity and the controlled caos of disposable clothing.  Fun at the time but 10 years from now you will wonder what you were thinking when you put that on. Right?  While I do love a good trip to XXI for an accessory or two (or five), I am not the Forever 21 of photography.  I do not put out a high yield of assembly line weddings with trendy but disposable images.  I am not shooting weddings every weekend or creating images based on the current photographic trends of certain lenses, or editing techniques like vintage textures or super saturated colors.

Now walk into Bananna Republic, Anthropologie or J Crew (ahhhhh – the smell of grapefruit and gardenia).  Cue the fun-but-not-annoying music.  An adorably dressed store employee comes to greet you and compliment you on your fabulous wedges.  Heaven.  You are surrounded by classic pieces that will turn heads now and 20 years from now.  My low quantity, high quality approach allows me to give my couples my full attention while maintaining a fresh perspective and super fast turnaround time with their images.  My image style focuses the beauty of which is both chic and timeless while layering in those trendy pieces (or fun “artsy” images) that capture a couples personality.  I love simplicity and symmetry with a little drama to accessorize:)

While there are parts of the wedding day that I take a more photojournalistic approach (i.e I will not stop you to get “the shot” while you are walking down the aisle or doing your first dance), I am not by definition a true photojournalist.  It is no secret that my favorite part of the wedding day is the time set aside for the couples portraits and what I love and shoot for are those drop dead gorgeous images that will hang on your living room wall…heck, sometimes I want to hang your images on MY living room wall I love them so much!  So, while some others may opt to shoot you and your groom from that crazy  (never flattering) angle with lots of “artsy negative space,” I am shooting for that perfect image that you will love now and when you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. One that is you and is about love and is just simply beautiful.  With that said here are a few of my recent favs.

Ok so maybe this one (above) is a little more fun and trendy at the couple’s request:)

Photogs – what are your thoughts on balancing photography trends with images that will be loved forever, not just for right now?

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