Happy 2nd birthday beautiful girl.  Thank you for all that you have taught me about being a mommy and most importantly about how much God loves us no matter what.  I thank God for the little songs that you sing and for the way we cuddle and rock and have silly time at night.  I thank God for your head full of messy curls and how you just discovered how to jump.  I thank God for how much you love your daddy – that he is your hero (and mine too!).  I thank God for how much you love your little friends and for the sweet and silly prayers that you pray before meals.  I thank God for Family Fun Friday and happy dances in the kitchen. I thank God that you love to read and sing about Jesus, even though you don’t quite know what he has done for you yet.  Our life is very full sweet one.  What your mommy and daddy lack in a plan we try to make up for in laughter and love.  Thank you for the blessing that you are. Happy birthday little Chloe.