I am literally months behind in posting about the incredible pink and gray dessert table that Natalie of Chic Sweets made for little Chloe’s 2nd birthday party.  It didn’t matter that all of Chloe’s friends attending the party were boys haha we just had to go with the pink and gray theme and Natalie blew me away with her attention to detail and the sweet touches that she added!  I met and worked with Natalie a few months ago on a commercial shoot that I did with Lauren of Every Last Detail Blog.  For that colorful ribbon inspired editorial shoot Natalie had designed an unbelievably yummy dessert table to be photographed for our mock wedding reception. She was sweet enough to do a little trade with me for Chloe’s party and all I can say is that it was way beyond what I was expecting.  She is amazing! The pink, red and gray horizontal backdrop was custom made and provided by her in addition to the custom treat name cards, ribbons and pink gerber daisies pulling the whole look together!  All of the candy and desserts were, of course, various shades of pink!  The assortment of chocolate and red velvet cake pops, also custom made by Natalie, were the hit of the party for sure.  They literally melted in your mouth! I could go for one right now actually. haha.  But I am always a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels and strawberry shortcake jelly beans which were also in abundance at the party. Needless to say, I think it was the best day of Chloe life. haha.  You should have seen her little face when she woke up from her nap to find the colorful dessert table set up in our kitchen.  Most importantly it was just so fun to treat our friends to such a yummy assortment of goodies to enjoy and take home as favors.  Natalie, both you and your work are amazing and it really was a blessing to our family and friends to get to enjoy your yummy artistry!  You MUST call Natalie at Chic Sweets if you are looking to add a beautiful, fun and delicious element to your party, event or wedding reception!