I could barely keep my heart from beating out of my chest all morning knowing that we were going in for the big ultrasound today. The plan was to have the results written down and sealed in an envelope for us to open together later, however we thought it more exciting to have Graham read the results on his own and surprise me after Bible study tonight.  Sitting in the grocery store parking lot he read the results quietly to himself and finally knew whether he would be picking out a pink or blue flower to bring home to me. As he skipped through the grocery store with the secret news in hand the bread in the bakery smelled sweeter and the check out lines moved faster.

Glowing, I aimlessly paced around the house knowing that he would be home soon with the news.  I felt my heart leap into my throat when I heard the front door open. Really, am I about to find out whether the laundry baskets will be filled with little pink clothes or little blue clothes? Life stood still for a moment as Graham pulled the flower from behind his back beaming from ear to ear…

Oh, were you looking for the results? Well, they are hidden in the two paragraphs above. Have fun!


a very excited Graham and Shay