Last week we decided to take a last minute vacation to unplug and spend some time together as a little family of three.  Words cannot even express what a blessing it was to turn off everything and just love on each other.  The chance to spend so much unscheduled, undivided quality time  with Chloe (definitely her love language!) was just so sweet to my heart and the hours spent in quiet conversation with Graham wrapped up in blankets on the balcony overlooking the ocean with cups of hot coffee in hand were like nourishment to our – still new – marriage of 6 years.

Now that I am back home and back in the office I am holding on to the feeling of sand between my toes and the warm breeze on my face but more importantly the resolve in our hearts not to get so easily caught up in the pace of life, and to be more careful not to replace genuine connection with the constant “connection” of e-mail, internet, Facebook, Twitter, texts etc etc that via for our mental space daily.  We have resolved to make some tangible changes that will hopefully make us better parents, spouses and friends to the people that God has blessed our life with.

On an unrelated note, hop on over to the Facebook page for a little giveaway for this weekend’s workshop :) Happy November. Connect face to face, voice to voice, heart to heart with someone God has placed in your life today:)