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Mentor Session: Sonal Creates

In addition to growing a little one in my belly, I am also currently growing a new area of my business in the coming year!  For the first time ever I have started offering formalized one-on-one mentor sessions! These are essentially similar to the workshops that I offer but since they are one-on-one they are personalized to fit the individualized needs of the amazing photographers that I get the pleasure of spending my time with!  Amazingly, (praise God!) without even starting to really advertise these sessions I am already booking them like crazy.  I cannot even tell you how much fun it has been to sit down with photographers like Sonal in the early stages of their business and give really personalized training not only in areas of technique that are giving them trouble but also in business basics like establishing pricing and packages, building clientele, portfolio development and even branding!

For this session I had the pleasure of spending half of the day with Sonal! A budding photographer in the Hyde Park area.  Sonal has a true creative eye and such a sweet personality.  She did a fabulous job working with our model Kortni (another local photog!) and I cannot wait to see where her business takes her this year! We spent the shoot portion of her mentor session talking about finding the right type of lighting to look for when doing an on location shoot.  I shared with her one of the lighting “equations” that I look for while out on a shoot (clean dark background, even light on the subject and a natural/neutral reflector bouncing light into the subjects face) as seen in the parking deck images.  Just lovely:)  Here are a few of my favs…

Thank you so much Kortni for your fabulous style, modeling skills and patience!

If you are interested in finding out more about SCP mentor sessions you can check them out here on the workshop website!

Also, I am looking for a “model” for another mentor session next week (Wed Feb 8th from 11:00-12:30) in the Tampa area.  Shoot me an e-mail at info@shaycochrane.com if you want to get in on the fun:)

You can take the girl out of the country…

…but there will always be a little bit of Riner, VA in Mrs. Ashlee Proffitt :)  Just in case I haven’t embarrassed her enough already with this week’s earlier post showing part 1 of her shoot with her sweet boys, here is another post dedicated to my beautiful friend and graphic designer extraordinaire!  This girl was in desperate need of updated pictures for her website – I will be the first to admit that the last ones that I took on the fly a few years ago  seriously did not capture her beauty or personality :(  So this time around we made sure to go with a look and feel that much more closely captured her fun, feminine and no-fuss style…while showing a bit of her southern roots and finding a little piece of “country” to shoot in out here in Tampa, FL (there are far more fields and cow pastures than one would expect out here actually!).  Anyway, I love them!    With the light changing so quickly during our quick shoot we were able to get two different fun looks, one a little more warm and sun washed and the other a bit cooler with a beautiful color palette. Here are my favs!

Sun-washed love

I recently did a two part shoot for my sweet friend and fabulous graphic designer Ashlee Proffitt that I have been itching to share!  As a part of some rebranding and new projects that she has on the horizon she wanted a few images that capture the half of her that her clients don’t get to see but is the driving passion behind everything that she does, and thats being a mom to her two boys (and little girl on the way!).  Ashlee is an incredible example of what it means to be a businessowner-entrepreneur-mom…the mom-ing is her first priority and everything else that she is able to accomplish flows out of that passion without disrupting her priorities.  I love her.  And I love these little boys as if they were my own:)  Here are just a few of my favs from her shoot! Enjoy!

Oh Fotoshop!

Don’t even get me started! I have written about this before and think about it often as it relates to my work as a photographer and more importantly as a mom of an impressionable (princess and makeup enamored 2.5 yr old).

My practical advice for photographers is to know where you stand and how you feel about “modifying” your client’s images, especially if you are in the early stages of beginning your business when you are especially prone to wanting to do whatever you can to make everyone happy. I am not just talking about the the moral dilemma that it presents (what are we as photographers saying about what constitutes as beauty?) but even just practically speaking…is your bride under the impression that you are going to remove her wedding day acne out of 700 wedding images? Is mom hoping that you will take a few inches off of her in her family portraits – all 50 of them? If you do some of these more in depth edits to the “sneak peak” images that your client sees on your blog, will he/she be disappointed when she sees the rest of the images that didn’t receive that same hollywood treatment but are truer to reality? Why isn’t reality beautiful enough? Whatever options you decide to offer to your clients it is worth giving it some intentional thought and then educating your clients in a way that builds realistic expectations while helping them to see the beauty that you see in them. Learn to do the “hard work” up front of making your clients feel beautiful during the shoot which goes such a long way to getting beautiful natural images.  In addition,your compliments, coaching, outfit suggestions, lighting and posing can often do just as much as photoshop can.

On a separate note, as a mom blessed with the task of raising girls in today’s society (scary!) I want to make sure that my daughters understand the reality behind the message in this video and that they are constantly reminded of what biblical beauty looks like:

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Prov 31:30

“I will give thanks to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, and my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Everything is {new.changing.exciting.scary}

So here were are 10 days into the new year and I have entirely given up on the whole “2011 recap” blog post…and the whole “2012-big-things-ahead” post for that matter. haha  At the moment the only  big thing around here is my growing belly! But  the truth of the matter is that when I look ahead at the coming year I feel like I am in that moment at the top of the roller coaster, holding my breath about to take the plunge, not exactly sure what to expect,  both scared and excited at the same time. Ready. Set…

In just a few weeks (Lord willing) I will become “mommy” to a second little girl.  Two and a half years now into being a mommy to Chloe I more fully understand the weight of that task and the mere thought of the “bigness” of it is so overwhelming that it literally takes my breath away.  There just is nothing as {hard.amazing.challenging.exhausting.overwhelming.wonderful} as being a mom.  One resolve that I have for this year is that I am not going to attempt to “balance” everything.  It can’t be done.  You have to choose your priorities and the scale will and should tip in that direction.  Practically speaking for me that means there are a few changes that I am making for the coming year as it relates to photography.

1)I am taking a few months off for maternity leave, February-May. For those of you who are not yet mothers…this can easily be misunderstood as taking some much needed vacation time to sleep in and sit around in stretchy pants smiling at your new little bundle of joy.  For those of you who are mothers…you know that maternity leave is more of a necessity than an option.  As in…for the next few moths I will be running on 2-4 hours of sleep a night.  All of my clothes will be covered in either poop, vomit or breastmilk (sorry guys) making a “professional” appearance laughable.  I will be functioning essentially as a fridge…or 24 hour buffet.  My available hours for e-mail will be between 2am-4am but I will not be able to guarantee that they will be coherent, let alone sweet.  I may or may not know where my phone is to answer your call, and if I can answer I will likely have to lock myself in the bathroom to secure any silence or privacy. Just saying.haha. And yes, there will still definitely be stretchy pants and smiling at my new little bundle of joy involved.

2) I am not taking any weddings in 2012. I am actually really excited about this. haha. I have been planning this for awhile but my pride has kept me from making it “official”. But honestly,  I need the break.  I need to give myself time to figure out what it is going to look like being a mom of two.  I need to make sure that weddings are where I want to be focusing my business.  I need to have a year free from the pressure of keeping up with the wedding industry. I need to give my business and myself some time to breath, regroup, and gain some clarity before I charge ahead.  I literally do not even know what it means to just be a mom without business related “work” that I need to get done each day.  Thankfully, I am blessed with the opportunity to even do this without my family relying on my income.  I am really excited to take the pressure off of myself and see where things go.  I also really want to pour more of my time into teaching and mentoring other photographers, which leads to me to the next new change…

3) In addition to continuing to do workshops (the next ones will likely be in the late Spring) I will be focusing my efforts on one-on-one mentor sessions for beginner professional photographers. I am REALLY excited about this and if you are interested in hearing more you can check it out here!

Well, my husband just walked into my office looking incredibly handsome and said that he is taking “his ladies” out to dinner. haha.I don’t turn down things like that, so, I am off to doll myself up…in whatever outfit I can still manage to fit into…and join my sweet husband and precious daughter to soak up every last minute of “just the three of us.”

**Photo courtesy of Sarah Sandel Photography!

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