So here were are 10 days into the new year and I have entirely given up on the whole “2011 recap” blog post…and the whole “2012-big-things-ahead” post for that matter. haha  At the moment the only  big thing around here is my growing belly! But  the truth of the matter is that when I look ahead at the coming year I feel like I am in that moment at the top of the roller coaster, holding my breath about to take the plunge, not exactly sure what to expect,  both scared and excited at the same time. Ready. Set…

In just a few weeks (Lord willing) I will become “mommy” to a second little girl.  Two and a half years now into being a mommy to Chloe I more fully understand the weight of that task and the mere thought of the “bigness” of it is so overwhelming that it literally takes my breath away.  There just is nothing as {hard.amazing.challenging.exhausting.overwhelming.wonderful} as being a mom.  One resolve that I have for this year is that I am not going to attempt to “balance” everything.  It can’t be done.  You have to choose your priorities and the scale will and should tip in that direction.  Practically speaking for me that means there are a few changes that I am making for the coming year as it relates to photography.

1)I am taking a few months off for maternity leave, February-May. For those of you who are not yet mothers…this can easily be misunderstood as taking some much needed vacation time to sleep in and sit around in stretchy pants smiling at your new little bundle of joy.  For those of you who are mothers…you know that maternity leave is more of a necessity than an option.  As in…for the next few moths I will be running on 2-4 hours of sleep a night.  All of my clothes will be covered in either poop, vomit or breastmilk (sorry guys) making a “professional” appearance laughable.  I will be functioning essentially as a fridge…or 24 hour buffet.  My available hours for e-mail will be between 2am-4am but I will not be able to guarantee that they will be coherent, let alone sweet.  I may or may not know where my phone is to answer your call, and if I can answer I will likely have to lock myself in the bathroom to secure any silence or privacy. Just saying.haha. And yes, there will still definitely be stretchy pants and smiling at my new little bundle of joy involved.

2) I am not taking any weddings in 2012. I am actually really excited about this. haha. I have been planning this for awhile but my pride has kept me from making it “official”. But honestly,  I need the break.  I need to give myself time to figure out what it is going to look like being a mom of two.  I need to make sure that weddings are where I want to be focusing my business.  I need to have a year free from the pressure of keeping up with the wedding industry. I need to give my business and myself some time to breath, regroup, and gain some clarity before I charge ahead.  I literally do not even know what it means to just be a mom without business related “work” that I need to get done each day.  Thankfully, I am blessed with the opportunity to even do this without my family relying on my income.  I am really excited to take the pressure off of myself and see where things go.  I also really want to pour more of my time into teaching and mentoring other photographers, which leads to me to the next new change…

3) In addition to continuing to do workshops (the next ones will likely be in the late Spring) I will be focusing my efforts on one-on-one mentor sessions for beginner professional photographers. I am REALLY excited about this and if you are interested in hearing more you can check it out here!

Well, my husband just walked into my office looking incredibly handsome and said that he is taking “his ladies” out to dinner. haha.I don’t turn down things like that, so, I am off to doll myself up…in whatever outfit I can still manage to fit into…and join my sweet husband and precious daughter to soak up every last minute of “just the three of us.”

**Photo courtesy of Sarah Sandel Photography!