Three boys later, the Proffitts got their baby girl and that, my friends, called for a very special mommy daughter photo shoot!  We did this little “bedroom session” at the very start of what I will just have to call the Proffitt family mega-shoot which included this mommy-and-me session, Ms. Adelee’s 4 month portraits, and a sibling session all followed by an outdoor family session, daddy-and-me session and some sweet couples shots at the end. Phew!  Would you even believe that we got the whole “bedroom” portion (shots below) of this shooting extravaganza done in about 30 minutes!?  And lest you think, “my children would NEVER be able to do that!” don’t be fooled; this shoot was not devoid of  tears, crankiness, sibling rivalry, chaos and plenty of candy for bribing! haha.  Kids will be kids but it’s the final shots that count and these have to be some of my favorite shots to date (Nevermind that I always think that! haha)

Part 2 coming soon!  Happy Friday friends!