I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know and work with Natalie and her husband Steve over the past two years and this photo shoot has been a long time coming! When Nat e-mailed about the shoot it went something like this…(paraphrased and embellished for dramatic effect) “I have four boys…as in loud, tuff, messy, goofy, rough-housing boys. They range in age from 2-16. So…I just want pictures that are real. No docile girly family photo sitting in a wheat field. No matching gingham outfits. No confetti. Just real.”

We were obviously a match made in heaven because REAL is my favorite!

If you havn’t heard me go on and on about Natalie before, then you need to go check out her site Chic Sweets and get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate (or iced tea if you are here in FL where it is a balmy 75 degrees out) and take a spin around my blog where I have featured her delicious work a few times.

Natalie and Steve – thank you for trusting me with your family and most of all for just being you and showing what real,messy, silly, wonderful, family-love looks like.