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Doing an in-office-chair happy dance!

Ya’ll have NO idea how excited I am to be making these two awesome announcements today!!!  God is good and these two little blessings are just the cherry on top.  So, first of all, by now you all have heard me talk about the Business and Branding Essential’s workshop coming up on March 2nd.  Ashlee and I have been finalizing logistics and content and let me just tell you, I am SO excited about this workshop.  It is going to change lives and businesses. For real ya’ll. haha.  Where was this workshop when I started my business!? Anyway, if we weren’t excited enough already this has just put it over the top!  We are beyond excited (have I mentioned that we are excited) to share with you that we have teamed up with Blue Lane Studios to host the upcoming workshop in their INCREDIBLE studio space here in Tampa!!! Shem and Carolina are fabulous wedding and portrait photographers who also started Room 3307 possibly the best boudoir photography studio in Tampa (hence the bed in their studio – or is that for napping? I’m not so sure…).

We can’t wait to use this beautiful space for the Essentials workshop in just 11 days!  There are still a few seats available!  Get yours here!

And if that news wasn’t amazing enough…we have added a special guest speaker to the workshop!!!!  Mariana Mosli of the ridiculously amazing Kismis Ink Photography is going to be speaking on how to capitalize on social media in our businesses!  This, coming from someone who in just a few short years has over 6,000+ “likes” on her company Facebook page!  The only thing that surpasses the quality of her amazing work is the quality of just getting to work with her!!  Five minutes and you will be in love with Mariana! We can’t wait to learn from you Mariana!

In her own words…Mariana is a Tampa-based international wedding photographer whose guilty pleasures include Instagram, social media, and traveling the world. Her favorite perks of being a photographer are making new friends, documenting happy beginnings, and inspiring others. She loves learning something new every day, whether it be the best lighting technique or the latest nail art trend. With a camera in one hand and an iPhone in the other, she’s ready to take on her third year in the industry along with her tech savvy husband, Khaled.

If you are not already registered for the workshop there are a few seats left!!  If you are on the fence and just not sure if this will benefit your business, take the plunge!!! The only thing you will regret is that this workshop wasn’t around sooner! Grab one of the last few seats here.  And don’t forget to register for the 3rd part in our 4 part FREE webinar series “Business with Heart!”  Tomorrow we will tackle branding!  You can listen to the first two and register for the third one here!

Passion + Purpose = Heart

Yesterday Ashlee and I did our second webinar in the Business with Heart series and once again it was SO incredible to see how much support and enthusiasm it received.  The Business with Heart webinar series is our first ever and is absolutely free. It was developed for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs and there is such an amazing mix of women from all over the US in all kinds small businesses represented in our awesome group of attendees.  I wanted to share with you the recording from yesterday’s session (at the bottom).

We believe that a Business with Heart is defined by the presence of two things 1) it is founded upon a set of passions that is unique to you and is not a separate entity but an extension of who you are as a person. 2) It is a business with a very clear personal mission out of which all decisions both creative and logistical are made. This webinar presses into those two area, self discovery and developing a clarified mission!

It’s not too late to register for the last two webinars in the series!  To listen to the recording to the week 1 webinar and to register for the remaining webinars in the series visit the webinar page on the Essentials workshop site!

Also, we are two weeks out from the Business and Branding Essentials workshop on March 2 here in Tampa and there are a few seats left.  If you listen through the end of the webinar we have a special announcement for you relating to the upcoming workshop that you won’t want to miss!!! YAY!

And if you are enjoying this webinar please share it and spread the love!

Stationary fun!

One of the zillions of things that I am working on this week in the midst of prepping for the Essentials Workshop in two weeks (a few seats left!) and the Business with Heart webinar series (the next one is this Wed!) is some fun product photography for Blush Printables design boutique. For the most part I stuck with simple styling that meshed with the branding on her site which incorporates a bit of gold.  Jen is actually in Pittsburg, PA but trusted me enough to send me her newest collection to be styled and shot without her there!  Thanks Jen!

That was the day…

Ashlee and I were SO blessed by the amazing 70+ women who joined us for the Business with Heart free webinar series today.  In my mind, I had planned to spend the hour before the workshop clearing my head, getting mentally organized  and stepping with clarity into the content that we had put so much thought and prayer into.   The reality, of course , was that with two sick kids in need of naps, no babysitter and a morning full of busy mothering, I entered the webinar a bit frazzled,  in need of my work-from-home-husband  to pinch hit for me with the kids, and I’m pretty sure I smelled like Vera’s last diaper had somehow “left its mark” on my shirt. True story.

But Ashlee said it best…we have been preparing for this webinar series, and the Essential’s Workshop, our whole lives…we just didn’t realize it.  This series and the corresponding workshop are just the outpouring of a million conversations had, hundreds of (often tearful) phone calls exchanged and the constant challenging each other to live with intention in life and in business over the past 8 years of our friendship.  Today we talked about priorities and about what is at the heart of each of those priorities and where our business fits in to all of that. We talked about where our hearts are at and some of the challenges that we face as moms, business owners and creatives.  We talked about the urgent vs. the important and about intentionally pressing into the important in our lives. We talked about how our priorities affect the way we run our businesses and hopefully in the midst of all of that we encouraged and challenged someone.  This was one of my favorite quotes from today…”That was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention and less from habit.” I know myself and if I don’t have an intentional plan for my days, my weeks, my year and my business then I spend a whole lot of time being busy and frustrated and feeling like I am never really getting ahead. Maybe you know what that feels like.

I’m so excited to see where this webinar series leads.  I hope that you will join us next week and for the rest of the 4 week free webinar series. Let’s make this the day that we start to live (and work!) more from intention and less from habit!

*If you missed today’s webinar and are interested in listening in, a recording of it will be posted here within the next few days.



BIG news! Free business webinar series for creatives! YAY!

Ashlee and I are proud to announce a totally free webinar series for creative entrepreneurs beginning Wednesday, February 6th.  We know that your life is full and that your business is NOT your most important priority .  We know that you want it to be a blessing and not a burden. We also know how hard it can be to find the balance between all of the passions in our lives.  Join us for one hour a week for the next four weeks as we talk about the trials and triumphs of leading a business with heart.

Registration is free.  The content has been created to build on each other each week but you are welcome  to select and attend any individual webinars in the series.  You must register for each webinar individually. Webinar recordings will be available for a limited time following each webinar and will be posted here for those of you who cannot participate in the scheduled time.

Wednesday, Feb 6 | 2-3pm : The Heart // Put Your Business in its Place
In order to asses our businesses with clarity we must first identify its place in our lives among our other passions and priorities.

Register for Part 1 here.

Wednesday, Feb 13 | 2-3pm : The Heart // Passion + Purpose 
What is your greater mission as a woman, wife, mom, friend and how can you better  use your business as a tool to accomplish that mission?

Register for Part 2 here.

Wednesday, Feb 20 | 2-3pm: The How // Developing a Genuine Brand
Your potential client needs something to connect with before she makes an investment in your product or service; something that speaks to her heart with authenticity.  Your brand should be a clear extension of your heart, your priorities, your greater mission, your unique gifts.

Register for Part 3 here.

Wednesday, Feb 27 | 2-3pm : The How// Execute with Excellence
Does your business model work for your life or do you feel like you are constantly treading water, trying to get on top of things?  With a full life, you don’t have time to waste on a business strategy that isn’t working. We will look at practical steps to ensure that it (and you!) are thriving and not just surviving!

Register for Part 4 here.

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