One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is the opportunity to do mentor sessions! During one-on-one mentor sessions I get the chance to sit face to face and provide training specifically tailored to that photographer’s business and skill needs and I gain a new friend in the process!  One of my most recent mentor sessions was with Tiffany!  Tiffany is in the very early stages of building a photography business and is going about it the right way…baby step by baby step.   So may photographers rush to put up a website and order business cards when they really still need to be developing their skill and business plan before marketing themselves as a “professional.”  Tiffany came with a solid foundation in the technical aspect of photography and with an excitement to learn that just makes my heart so happy!

Tiffany wanted to learn how to shoot with more confidence in Manual mode and get more consistent results without spending lots of time fixing images after the fact.  She came away with a better eye for the creatively correct exposure of an image, how to get that correct exposure more consistently and how to make her images “pop” right out of the camera! By the end of our session she was getting images that were gorgeous right out of camera like the one above and had developed her eye for choosing the right lighting and location.  In her own words…

“My first mentoring session was an amazing eye opening experience.  You are very personable with a hands on approach teaching style.  I can’t believe that after one session, my skills have already improved.  Hooray!  You challenged me and for that I thank you.  The strong foundation skills that you provided me with today will be invaluable for the future.  I can’t wait till my next one-on-one mentoring session!  -Tiffany”

YAY! This just makes me so happy!  Tiffany, I cannot wait to see your business grow in the coming year and I am just blessed to be able to be a part of it!