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In the Studio: B is for Beautiful (I mean Bonnie)

I have been SO excited to share with you an up close look at the work that I was able to do recently for the exquisite shop B is for Bonnie Design.  During her initial consultation we started talking about her brand palette and her aesthetic vision for the images and lets just say she had me at gold foil, white and blush. Seriously, it doesn’t get any more feminine and lovely then that combination! In addition to styling and shooting two stunning banner images for her website we also shoot her full inventory to give her shop a cohesive and branded look. You can see a little of that transformation in my last post.  I am so proud of these images and as always am just honored to see them come to life on her site.  Her prints are nothing short of gorgeous and I am currently in the process of trying to narrow it down to just a few to keep for myself! Bonnie, I don’t think you knew what you were getting into when you said that I could pick a few to keep.  At my last count I had narrowed it down to my top 10. haha

The other amazing thing about my job is that I get to work for clients who’s heart is as beautiful as their handiwork and Bonnie is no exception.  Please check out her site and show her some love by supporting her and other amazing small business women like her who are using their God given talents and passions to bless their families and others!


You guys know I am a sucker for a gold desktop vignette complete with stunning gold, acrylic and pink accessories!  This Banner image was created to feature her gorgeous gold foil stripped notebooks as well as her beautiful “Today is the Day” and “Choose Joy” pencils. The pretty little gold foil heart on pink print can be found in her shop as well!


The second banner image that I created was designed to feature some of her beautiful gold foil prints.  I decided to go with a blush background to give her some variety on her site and had the painful task of narrowing down which prints to feature. The selection shown here was a mixture of prints that I just felt were too fun and amazing not to include in addition to the “Start each day with a grateful heart” print which was one of her early designs, is still a best seller and also is a true representation of her mission and story as a shop.  And those mini cannolis….I die!!

P.S. There is a stock image hitting the SC Stockshop today for any of you who create and sell prints and are in love with this color palette and aesthetic.  A little B is for BEAUTIFUL inspiration for your own shop!


B is for Before (…and After)

So, I am planning to dedicate a whole post to gushing over the gorgeous banner images that we created for Mrs. Bonnie over at B is for Bonnie Design but I had to really quickly give you a little peak at the beautiful transformation that took place overnight on her site this past week.  I mean, it was not bad before but her new images take it to another level (okay, maybe I am just biased) take a peak!  And after you are done, make sure that you check out her gorgeous prints. I legitimately love every.single.one and the beautiful meaning behind why she does what she does!

Bonnie before…(you have to admit…this couple IS cute;)

Bonnie after!

Bonnie shop before…

Bonnie shop after!!

I mean is this Etsy shop easy on the eyes or what! ? It makes my consistency-loving heart proud! haha


I love you Bonnie!!!  Thank you for the PLEASURE of styling and shooting for you!! Praying that God continues to bless your business this year!!


Black and gold styled desktop! Ou la la!

I seriously think that I could create styled desktops all day long.  From the very beginning I have been so inspired by the gorgeous styling on the Squarespace home page and I have used the concept in a lot of the work that I have done for commercial clients.  The thought of creating so many unique desktops is just such a fun challenge. I actually think it would be fun for every single designer and shop owner to have a highly personalized desktop image on their site that just completely captures their unique personality and and brand story. If you and your brand were put into desktop form, what would it look like? Would their be your favorite coffee mug scored from the local flee market?  Notebooks and journals stuffed full of things collected while traveling the world? Would it be colorful or monochromatic?  Clear acrylic and glass with gold accents or Distressed wooden elements? Clean or messy? Playful or classic? It is just fun to think about isn’t it!?

This gold, black and pink styled desktop was easy to create because, lets be honest, it was very much me and my style but I have already been excited to see how other designers and shop owners have put it to use on their sites since adding it to SC Stock Shop last week!  It is a little bit business, a little bit fashion and a little bit playful fun;)


A sister image to the styled desktop is this black, gold and pink tabletop frame styling.  If you are not ready to have custom styled product photography created for your shop then these types of framed stylings are a perfect way to display your prints with gorgeous styling in the mean time.  I have a few like this in the shop already and have all kinds of plans to add many more in many different styles and themes!!  I always love to hear your suggestions so if there is something that would benefit your shop leave it in the comments! I welcome your ideas! Happy Tuesday friends!


Gold desktop pretties in the SC Stock Shop!

A few rare cloudy and rainy days here in FL have meant more time shooting some fun new things for the SC Stock Shop.  The idea behind the stock shop is to create beautiful styled images for small business owners who are not yet at a point where they are ready to hire a photographer for custom styled product photography.  The images are generally created with negative space to allow for pdfs of flat product designs like paper goods to be photoshopped in and used on their website but many times these images are simply overlaid with text for beautiful home page website banners! I am working on creating a collection of desktops and styled frames that cover a range of aesthetic themes so that there is eventually a little some thing for everyone!  These are just a few new ones that were added to the shop recently.


View this image in the Etsy shop here.

View this image (above) in the Etsy shop here.

View this image (above) in the Etsy shop here.


B is for Bonnie is a fabulously talented designer (and all around sweetheart) who I am actually currently styling and shooting custom work for but she has already also been putting these fun stock shop images to use!

You can keep an eye on all of the new stock shop images added to the shop weekly by following the shop on Instagram @scstockshop and by signing up to receive the newsletter!  Just for signing up you will get a free stock image right to your inbox as a thank you!

Happy almost-Friday friends!!


Some people have all the fun!

And by some people…I mean me. And by fun…I mean “work”.

Ok, so maybe this post is old news by now but when Emily asked me to style and shoot some new products for her this past winter I got the privilege of being let in on an exciting secret that had not really been made public yet.  One of the most incredible parts of my job is getting to form long term partnerships with talented designers and to be a part of their unique story of growth and change as a business.  For Emily Ley her story this past year included the scary-exciting redesign of one of her most popular products.  You see sometimes the old saying “if its not broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply when you know in your heart that something isn’t quite right yet.  In this case, following her heart and doing a complete redesign was an enormous success with the new Simplified Planner completely selling out just months after launching, but she knew from the moment she started to redesign that success was not guaranteed. Because of my work, I get to spent time with a lot of amazing designers, including my best friend Ashlee Proffitt, and do you know what I have learned?

I’ve learned that being a designer takes an enormous amount of bravery.  It is full of highs and lows, successes and failures.  It is wrought with risk and vulnerability. Its one thing to doodle in a notebook. It another thing to show the world what you have created.  It is not for the faint of heart.

I have so much respect for each and every designer that I get to work with and it is an enormous blessing to get to play a part in their story.  Here are just a few images from our shoot this winter!

Equally exciting was the launch of the new Simplified Life Binder!  You can read all about it here! And buy yours here!

And I’m just obsessed with these pretty little sticky flags.  Just obsessed. I’m not sure that you can even get them anymore. Sorry friends. haha

Emily is one of my few local FL clients so we generally shoot in her home as opposed to in my home studio.  For the Simplified Planner shoot we turned Emily’s living room upside down creating a desk scene for the shoot. These pics were snagged from IG. For more behind the scenes fun you can follow me here @shaycochrane !



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