So, I am planning to dedicate a whole post to gushing over the gorgeous banner images that we created for Mrs. Bonnie over at B is for Bonnie Design but I had to really quickly give you a little peak at the beautiful transformation that took place overnight on her site this past week.  I mean, it was not bad before but her new images take it to another level (okay, maybe I am just biased) take a peak!  And after you are done, make sure that you check out her gorgeous prints. I legitimately love and the beautiful meaning behind why she does what she does!

Bonnie before…(you have to admit…this couple IS cute;)

Bonnie after!

Bonnie shop before…

Bonnie shop after!!

I mean is this Etsy shop easy on the eyes or what! ? It makes my consistency-loving heart proud! haha


I love you Bonnie!!!  Thank you for the PLEASURE of styling and shooting for you!! Praying that God continues to bless your business this year!!