It has been awhile since I had the opportunity to do exclusively children’s themed styling so in the weeks leading up to my shoot for Tickled Peach I may have gone a little overboard prop shopping for her much anticipated shoot! (As a side note, it is kILLING my girls that I have an office full of toys that they can’t touch. haha) What I love about her products is their clean playful design and the consistency in themes across different product offerings.  What I created for Kathy was two primary styled banner images to really make her home page pop and then a large set of minimally styled product images that would be cropped and used as product category headers on her site.  The first flat that you see was created to show off the variety of products and designs that she offers in a way that instantly communicates the mission of her brand. The second image was designed to show off one of her themed meal time collections which includes plates, bowls and placemats.  I could not resist playing up the girly sweet-ness of her pink bird design for this one. We had talked about this image having more of a lifestyle feel two it but in the end I created a flat (styling designed to be shot from overhead) that comes to life and has more of a lifestyle feel to it because of the sweet little arm that is reaching in.  This image has quickly become one of my favorites to date!

I have been getting a lot of requests for children’s themed stock images to be added to the stock shop and so I also took some time recently to shoot a few flats for the shop that would be great for designers who create and sell children’s goods.  A few of them have been added to the shop already! I am still planning to create some children’s themed stock that makes use of frames for children’s prints!  If only I could get a spare second to shoot them!  To get a free stock image to try, you can join the SC Stockshop mailing list and just for signing up you will get an image to your inbox.  I use that mailing list to give out free images, exclusive shop discounts and to announce when new collections are added to the shop!  I’d love for you to join!

This is my last work day of the week before heading out of town with Graham for the Liberate conference in Ft. Lauderdale.  I’m so excited for the chance to get away for two days with him and to hear some great teaching about God unbelievable one way love for us. I hope that you all have a wonderful week! And please, if you have birthady shopping to do for any of the little ones in your life, consider stopping by Kathy’s incredible site. She has a beautiful shop full to the brim of adorable and quality children’s goods!


Doesn’t it look great on her home page!?

The two banner images were shot with natural light and reflectors.  The more minimally styled header images were shot with studio lighting because I had so many of them to do and they all needed to have a consistent lighting look which is hard to achieve with natural light since it changes so much over the course of a four hour shoot.  In the end I think both captured the bright, clean and playful look that we were going for.