I remember how frustrating it was to be in the early stages of my business, wanting to set myself apart but only able to afford to work with website templates and prefabricated “themes”…none of which really seemed to capture my style.  Would you laugh if I told you that my very first website was completely BROWN….like dark, nasty, BROWN! Seriously! Not that I really knew what my style was back then, but I knew for sure that what I had at my disposal was NOT IT.  Oh, if only there had been a Stockshop back then! One of the most fun and amazing things that I have gotten to see since opening up the SC Stockshop is how a few gorgeously styled and carefully selected images can literally TRANSFORM a brand starting with the home page of a website. I get to see this exciting transformation all the time with my custom clients. We put so much time and effort into planning stunning, well branded, hero images that connected with their specific ideal client, but it truly amazes me the impact that even the images that I create for the stock can have on a brand.  One little example that a SC Stockshop client sent me the other day is from Pretty Darn Cute Design who uses one of our gorgeous styled desktops to show of her custom site designs and WordPress themes.

Pretty Darn Cute


But print and web designers aren’t the only ones showing love to the Stockshop!  One of our biggest fans is none other then one of Texas’ most sought after senior portrait photographers Amanda Halloway!  Amanda is actually a custom client of mine as well and let me just tell you, we have BIG, FABULOUS things planned for when I fly out to Texas later this summer for her 3 day shoot! Gah!!  In the mean time, my newest styled desktop theme was not in the shop for an hour before Amanda snatched it up to show off her gorgeous Statement Cards.  I’m not gonna lie Amanda, this theme looks like it was made for you.  Ya’ll need to go take a look at the INCREDIBLE brand that this girl has created. I mean, STUNNING! Thanks for letting me be a small part of it!

2013 Shay Cochrane


And with that I am so very excited to launch the newest addition to the shop!  I’m telling you, this one has a piece of my heart for sure!  Bold black and white patterns, graphic prints, mixed metals, wood elements, succulents, polka dots, calla lilies and even some oh-so-current floral pattern. Seriously, does it get any better!! I wanted this series to be a bit more modern but without loosing its feminine charm.

2013 Shay CochraneThis theme has a few different flat desktop styling variations, two that are more intricate and one that is more simplified  and with a bit more negative space.  I just LOVE so many of the details pulled into this series but among my favorites have to be the hanger shaped paperclips and the mini wooden bowl…and the black leather tassel keychain…and the geometric glass terrarium…

2014 Shay Cochrane


Of course, I had to create a styled computer desktop to accompany this series. Those Callas just steal the show don’t they!?

2013 Shay Cochrane 2014 Shay Cochrane

And can we talk about the pink tipped matches!?  These are from BelloPop Designs a favorite Etsy shop of mine!!

2014 Shay Cochrane

Of course the series would not be complete without something for my print designers!  I scaled this styling way down and kept it very bright and clean and modern.  And that lighting! Gah!!


The “big sister” of the three flat desktop styling gives you plenty to feast your eyes on.  A  favorite element of mine is the tipped lightbulb glass container with the gold paperclips falling out…but the black and white graphic passport cover is pretty darn fun as well.  You can find all of these styled stock images in the shop for purchase individually but also as a complete #BrandBuilderSet designed to give your site and brand a stunning and cohesive look through the use of the full collection of images.  I genuinely hope that you love it as much as I do!

2014 Shay Cochrane

Here’s to doing business beautifully friends!!

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