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In the shop: Purple Styled Desktops

We are so excited for the new purple desktops that have just hit the shop! We have a new Brand Builder Set, a set of two, and individual listings available. Something for everyone!


These purple styled stock options include tablets, phone screens, computer desktops, and negative white space. They are perfect for featuring your latest work in a variety of ways!


These images will only be available for a limited run so be sure to grab yours while you can! Which purple desktop will you choose?

Styled Stock Photography: Succulents

Succulents are having a moment in styling and home decor (where they ever not?!) and the Stockshop is no exception to the succulent craze!  Breath a little life into your web and social media marketing with succulent styled stock from the shop! I feel better just looking at this image don’t you?!

2015 Shay Cochrane

Grab yours HERE and HERE today!



Styled Stock Photography: Breakfast Styled Desktops

We are so excited about something new that is hitting the shop today! These early morning desktops are the perfect addition to your website, Instagram Feed, Blog post images and Pinterest image promotion! If you are a web designer looking for a new way to show off your portfolio, or are a small business looking for a fun way to share a current project or a feature that you have recently received these styled stock images are so perfect for you! We have versions that include simple negative space for text or product overlay and smart phone and tablet screens!

StyledStockPhotography StyledStockPhotography SCstockshopGrapefruit03smallWM SCstockshopGrapefruit04smallWM

One of our favorite new concepts that you guys have been asking for is blank notepads for writing notes to your followers and announcing sales and promotions beautifully on social media!

StyledStockPhotography2 SCstockshopGrapefruit07smallWM

Succulents are so in right now and that didn’t go unnoticed in this new styled stock image set!

StyledStockPhotography SCstockshopGrapefruit06smallWM

If your morning looked like this, wouldn’t your work day be off to a great start? Get yours and be sure to share with us how you use it with the #scstockshop hashtag on Instagram! You may even be featured on the SC Stockshop shop feed!

In the shop: Party Themed Styled Desktops

Some of you may remember that a few months back we held a contest on Instagram, offering two winners the chance to have Brand Builder Sets created for the SC Stockshop based off of their brand boards. Our first winner, The Bannerie, is bright and fun with a brand palette of blue, fuchsia, gold, and light pink. We had so much fun creating these party themed styled stock flats and styled desktop stock images! The best part is that while these were created with her brand in mind, they are meant for YOU and are currently for sale in the shop!

SCstockshopBannerie14blog SCstockshopBannerie18blog


We have several variations available to meet all of your shop needs! Including four Brand Builder Sets, individual listings, and sets of two. We are also excited to debut tablet, phone, and notepad options for all of you who have been asking! They are perfect for showing off your mobile work and announcements!


SCstockshopBannerie07blog SCstockshopBannerie11blog SCstockshopBannerie13blog SCstockshopBannerie19blogWM

To promote exclusivity, we will only be offering a twenty image run on each of these styled stock images. Hurry to the shop and get yours before they are gone!

In the Shop: Blush Pink Styled Desktop featuring B is for Bonnie Design

We are doing something new and exciting in 2015 for the SC Stockshop. We are collaborating with successful business ladies who’s brands you love and are asking them to curate items for the next Brand Builder styled stock photography set in the shop!  When this idea first came to us Bonnie from B is for Bonnie Design was one of the very first ladies who came to mind.  We have done some custom product photography for Bonnie’s shop in the past and not only is she just a true gem of a person but she has created a stunning brand that has mass appeal with its feminine blush pink and soft gold tones.  While we gave Bonnie the freedom to curate the next Brand Builder desktop set in any color story that she wanted, we did have our fingers crossed that she would ask us to create something based off of her current brand palette and she did!  Pink and gold is one of the most popular styled desktop color themes in our shop and we think that this B is for Bonnie curated desktop takes a love of all things pink and feminine to a whole new level and Bonnie (and all of us here at the SC Stockshop) are SO very excited to share it with you!

Bonnie is a graphic designer and shop owner turned speaker and small business cheerleader and we asked her a few questions about how professional photography has changed the course of her business.  Like most of us (hand raised!!!) Bonnie has felt the struggle of wearing too many hats in business and knowing that she could not do it all and do it well!

1. What was your biggest frustration with your shop prior to using any sort of professional photography? 
Before I stumbled across Shay’s work and handed over all my product photography to her, I struggled to find the time to capture and style my products beautifully. Although I technically knew how to take well-lit photos, I never felt like I could devote the proper amount of time to styling, shooting and editing. It was so frustrating and I felt disappointed with the inconsistent look of the few images I was able to take in-between my running my business and shop. Those lackluster photos didn’t reflect the experience and aesthetic my brand offered clients, which was disappointing to put it mildly.

2. What is the most tangible difference you have seen in your business since using professional photography and styled stock?
Since hiring Shay, I’ve been able to present a consistent, beautifully styled visual presence throughout my shop and website! Shay’s professionally styled banner images have elevated the overall look of my website, and I receive compliments on them all the time. I also love using stock images from the SC Stockshop for blog post graphics and social media marketing, as I already know the level of excellence and beauty Shay’s work emits! 

3. What was your inspiration for this stock collaboration?
Aside from using my own brand’s color palette as inspiration, I wanted to source props that emulated a romantic, feminine aesthetic without sacrificing elegance or maturity. I was inspired by organic textures and unique pieces, like pastel-colored candies, that don’t necessarily appear on every boss lady’s desk but add such unique depth and personality to a space! 

Amy Ellid Photography bisforbonnieshop-scstockshop-graphic bisforbonnieshop-scstockshop-graphic-2 (1)

4. What elements or props are you most excited about?
“I especially love the luxurious ribbon from Silk & Willow, the pastel gemstone candies from the Frosted Petticoat and Shea Hopely’s soft florals! Each addition incorporates a new layer of texture and femininity that makes the entire desktop set sing, in my opinion. Although these aren’t necessarily props you would find on your own desk, they bring a touch of romance and whimsy that any blush loving lady will adore.”

Amy Ellid Photography

5. What are you most excited about doing with these images (uses)?

“I’m thrilled to incorporate a few of these images into my website, as I already have on the Speaking page of the site! I also plan on using several of the styled desktop images for social media promotions and blog post graphics, as they mesh so beautifully with not only my visual branding, but also my Instagram aesthetic! “

bisforbonnie Speaking page screenshot bisforbonnie-speaking-graphic-header bisforbonnie-graphicdesignerqualities-graphic Amy Ellid Photography

 The very best part of this collaboration is that these images are for YOU!!! You can find this entire blush and gold styled stock Brand Builder Set in the shop now!  The brand builder set comes with two variations (not shown here) that make use of desktop and laptop computers, tablets and about a dozen other variations with negative space perfect for shop announcements, Website banners, social media shop promotion and a zillion other uses.  We have heard your feedback about wanting some additional exclusivity with Brands Builder sets and so this curated Brand Builder Set will be sold in a limited quantity of only 20 available purchases before it is taken out of the shop.  If this is perfect for your brand you can grab the set OR any of the individual styled desktop images and change the caliber of your brand’s visual presentation starting immediately!

Amy Ellid Photography Amy Ellid Photography

 We have loved creating this set for you and hope that it truly helps you to do business beautifully!
– The SC team

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