Some of you may remember that a few months back we held a contest on Instagram, offering two winners the chance to have Brand Builder Sets created for the SC Stockshop based off of their brand boards. Our first winner, The Bannerie, is bright and fun with a brand palette of blue, fuchsia, gold, and light pink. We had so much fun creating these party themed styled stock flats and styled desktop stock images! The best part is that while these were created with her brand in mind, they are meant for YOU and are currently for sale in the shop!

SCstockshopBannerie14blog SCstockshopBannerie18blog


We have several variations available to meet all of your shop needs! Including four Brand Builder Sets, individual listings, and sets of two. We are also excited to debut tablet, phone, and notepad options for all of you who have been asking! They are perfect for showing off your mobile work and announcements!


SCstockshopBannerie07blog SCstockshopBannerie11blog SCstockshopBannerie13blog SCstockshopBannerie19blogWM

To promote exclusivity, we will only be offering a twenty image run on each of these styled stock images. Hurry to the shop and get yours before they are gone!