I am so excited about my sweet friend Emily Ley‘s newest Simplified Planner launch this past month! As many of you know, I have done styling and product photography for Emily for the past few years and I always love getting to work with her gorgeous products. I don’t know about you, but I think that these newest planner covers are her prettiest yet! We did three key banner images, one for each of her newest covers and each with a theme that would mirror the gorgeous individuality of each cover design.

EmilyLeySpring1504blog EmilyLeySpring1503blog

A fun fact about this shoot is that I had to ask my husband to fire the shutter for me so that I could get my own hands in the shot. I am no hand model, but I love how the styling of these turned out!  They really needed that human element to bring them to life. It took some finagling but it was worth it right?!

EmilyLeySpring1508blog EmilyLeySpring1506blog EmilyLeySpring1510blog

These gorgeous pineapple accessories that we found from Hattan Home fit so perfectly with the EL brand and I was thrilled to style them in.  Also, I couldn’t resist sneaking in photos of Emily’s youngest little ones for a personal touch!  The layering of the sleeves has to be my most favorite.  Inspired by an image that Emily texted over to me one day, it was fun to pull in bit of wardrobe that would match Emily’s sweet preppy style.

EmilyLeySpring1516blog EmilyLeySpring1513blog EmilyLeySpring1514blog

We are so thrilled for your new launch Emily! Thank you for asking me to style and photograph these gorgeous new planners. Be sure to catch the new Simplified Planner launch on May 6th!