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In the shop: Dark Pink and White Florals

When shooting items for the shop, sometimes I need to step away from desktops and shoot something different. Some days I need to recharge myself creatively by shooting what I want to shoot, not what feels scheduled. Anyone else ever feel that way? Like you need a creative “refresher”?


Shooting florals, for me, offers that refresher. At the start of the summer, I had my assistant clear the scheduled shop shoot list and announced that I was going to be styling and shooting florals for the next few days. Playing with flowers is just good for this photographer’s soul, and (bonus!) now all of you get to reap the benefits!


These new dark pink and white floral styled stock images are my favorites right now! I have a new Brand Builder Set for you as well as several individual styled stock downloads. These are the perfect additions to your branding collateral, your announcements, your social media, and your blog posts!

SCstockshopMayFloral046blog SCstockshopMayFloral044SQblog

If you are eyeing these beauties, don’t hesitate because they are going quickly. In fact, as we were loading them into the shop, people were already snatching them up! You can shop this collection now and also check out the previous floral collections here!




In the shop: Colorful Makeup Stock Photography

As you may have heard, we have just launched a new line of styled stock photography for bloggers! In our newest collection, you’ll find gorgeous, richly colored makeup styled stock that is perfect for taking your brand to the next level!

blog_Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Makeup_Makeup stock photo-20

We think these styled stock images are perfect for fashion and beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, hair and makeup artists, sellers of sassy prints, or those of you who are just crushing on these lipstick images like I am!

Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Makeup_Makeup stock photo-72smlWMblog

You can find two new Brand Builder Sets and lots of new individual images to be used as your blog header, Twitter header, Facebook header, YouTube header, on your social media posts, within your blog posts, to show off products in your shop, and more!

Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Makeup_Makeup stock photo-29(2)blog

We believe you deserve stock photos that rival a MAC campaign and now you can have them! Shop this limited run now and do business beautifully friends!

Announcing, styled stock photography for bloggers!

Since the beginning of 2015 we have been scheming about how we can expand the shop to better serve fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers who’s livelihood is in the online space.  In the over-saturated blogging market it has become increasing difficult to set oneself apart as both professional and a trusted source of quality information in the industry.  I get the enormous pleasure of creating commercial quality styled stock images that help bloggers and businesses communicate just that! Our new beauty stock images and makeup stock images are a part of a new styled stock catalogue launching this week and is one of my favorites to date. Today we are starting with a super fun makeup brush stock image series that will be followed later this week with the launch of a stunning and fabulously colorful makeup image collection! Think rich lipsticks in every hue, and saturated eye shadows, Oh  my!


We have seen an enormous response from small business who choose to use SC Stockshop across their branding platforms to set themselves apart, communicate quality and increase reader interaction through stunning and consistent imagery and we are SO very excited to be directing our energy over the next few months toward providing a stunning catalogue of the highest quality styled stock images that will help bloggers to represent their brand with the same visual flawlessness that they see in the brands that they wear and write about.


These images are not the low resolution generic “stock” images that bloggers often have to shoot themselves or find online to include in their posts.  These are high resolution images meant to be incorporated as an essential part of the bloggers brand and used across all web platforms.

So how do you use styled stock photography effectively as a blogger?

  • Here are a few ways that other successful bloggers like Whippy Cake are using styled stock from the SC Stockshop
  • You Tube channel image headers
  • Blog headers like ours above!
  • Custom website buttons
  • Newsletter headers
  • Blog post headers
  • Instagram announcements such a new posts on the blog
  • Online shops like Scarlet & Gold Shop
  • Twitter backgrounds like ours!

Hopefully you are seeing the possibilities and starting to get excited about how you can incorporate styled stock into your brand.  I highly recommend taking a spin around Whippy Cake’s site to see how she uses her SC Stockshop images!

If you are interested in using styled stock with a tablet or computer screen we have an excellent tutorial here. It can also be as easy as screen grabbing what you want to share and overlaying in onto a tablet or computer screen as seen below.

Styled Stock Photography



If you are interested in how you can overlay flat paper products like notecards and prints onto styled stock desktops we have a great tutorial here!


MakeupStock-022(2)smlWMAnd I can’t leave without giving you a tiny peek at what is coming to the shop later this week.  Ah!

Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Makeup_Makeup stock photo-8promo

Are you ready to transform your brand and step up your game as a blogger?  Start here!

Do business beautifully friends!



In the shop: Summer Fruit Styled Stock

Pineapples, cherries, watermelon, berries…YES PLEASE! We have just launched a brand new summer fruit styled stock collection that will be available exclusively for the month of July. Seriously friends, these might be my favorite items in the shop right now!


I think these are just perfect for food and nutrition bloggers as well as anyone wanting to promote summer products or sales! We have numerous individual styled stock images plus a 5 image Brand Builder Set waiting for you in the shop!


As a bonus, any image that might be tricky to crop into an Instagram square has already been pre-formatted for you and I am offering it for free with your large download. Consider it my summer treat to you! On any of the notated 2 set listings, you can instantly download the large version and square version, making you insta-ready. Hooray!

SCSummerFruit-018blog SummerFruit-040blog

Don’t you just love these? I have so many favorites but I want to know, which will you choose?

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