Pineapples, cherries, watermelon, berries…YES PLEASE! We have just launched a brand new summer fruit styled stock collection that will be available exclusively for the month of July. Seriously friends, these might be my favorite items in the shop right now!


I think these are just perfect for food and nutrition bloggers as well as anyone wanting to promote summer products or sales! We have numerous individual styled stock images plus a 5 image Brand Builder Set waiting for you in the shop!


As a bonus, any image that might be tricky to crop into an Instagram square has already been pre-formatted for you and I am offering it for free with your large download. Consider it my summer treat to you! On any of the notated 2 set listings, you can instantly download the large version and square version, making you insta-ready. Hooray!

SCSummerFruit-018blog SummerFruit-040blog

Don’t you just love these? I have so many favorites but I want to know, which will you choose?