Have you heard the buzzwords being thrown around a lot lately?  They are #hashtagged on Instagram. Vented about on Facebook. Tweeted, Shared, Liked and Sent.  You’ve probably thrown them around in a conversation or two yourself recently.  I know I have; so much so that I’m sick and tired of hearing them come out of my mouth. What are they?

Busy. Exhausted. Overwhelmed.

Most of us feel it. And Hate it. And Complain about it.  And then we continue to choose it.

For months I have said, “Things will settle down after…” or  “I know things are crazy but it’s only until…” and “If I can just get past…” and then I explain why there is no other alternative and every single thing I have committed myself to NEEDS me.

And the problem is that you have to choose to stop the madness because in the day and age we live in busy is the new black and the world will tell you that your value and importance is in direct relation to the volume of your to-do list.  Have you ever had a slow day and when asked how your day was you felt guilt or shame at the thought of saying that you took it easy and didn’t really do much.  Maybe you couldn’t even bring yourself to say it and instead focused on the things that you did accomplish to validate yourself in that moment. I know this because I do it. All. The. Time.
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In our house things have gotten dangerously busy. It’s time to say enough is enough and to actually DO something about our chronic busyness. Our schedule is dangerously full. Our heads are dangerously full.  And what hangs in the balance is our physical health, our intimacy in marriage, our closeness to our children, our compassion toward others and the peace and joy that comes from walking closely with God.

I do not want busy to be my family’s “normal.”  

I think it makes me less effective at every role and opportunity that I am given. Every specific “good work” that God has prepared in advance for me. Every relationship that he has entrusted me with.

Stopping busy is hard. So hard that we usually don’t even really try to stop it. Because it means saying no…something my people-pleasing heart struggles with.  Often times it means saying no to really really good things.  Things you are good at. Things you enjoy. Things you are expected to do.

I truly hope that as this “busy” holiday season approaches, you and I are both willing to take an honest look at our lives and have the necessary conversations with our spouses and friends about the quality of life that we are choosing. I don’t want to sprinkle myself out into the world. I want to pour deeply into the few truly valuable things in this life. Who’s with me?

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