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Tea anyone?  I just finished styling and shooting the Sugarfina spring collection which is gracing the homepage of their website currently (all the heart eyes!!) so I thought that I would share this particular two image set with you since I almost never get the time to share commercial projects here on the blog (or I am shooting seasons in advance so everything is top secret!)  This was a two image set created with a singular theme and two primary uses. The top image is used as a home page banner image on their site and we almost always create a corresponding vertical of each styling for their catalogues, IG and other promotional uses.  I have been doing the product styling and commercial photography for Sugarfina for two years now and I have to say that this one of my favorite stylings to date!

If anyone wants to come over for a garden party and a spot of tea you know where to find me and yes, I’ll supply ALL the sweet treats.

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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