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In the shop: Framebridge Frame Styled Stock

Let’s talk about one of my most favorite collaborations to date…Framebridge frames and the SC Stockshop are together at last!

2013 Shay CochraneThat’s right friends, we have just released several new styled frame image sets in the SC Stockshop featuring stunning Framebridge frames and we are swooning!

2013 Shay CochraneYou can now overlay and feature your gorgeous prints in these new sets of two (vertical and horizontal) frame styled stock images. Seriously, how stunning would you work look hanging in a Framebridge frame next to the perfect fiddle leaf fig or palm?

2013 Shay Cochrane

And because we really love you, we also have single images featuring hands hanging the frame for a more lifestyle aesthetic! If you ask us, we think these images will surely catch your customer’s eye and boost your sales!

2013 Shay CochraneThese images are being sold in quantities of 10 downloads each and we do not expect them to last long! If you have been looking for the perfect frame styled stock image to show off your stunning work, don’t wait a minute longer! Shop now before it’s too late!

The SC Team

Frame #1 is Framebridge Mandalay frame | Frame #2 is Framebridge Bali frame | Frame #3 is Framebridge Lafayette frame | Frame #4 is Framebridge Irvine Slim frame

In the shop: Peony Perfection Styled Stock

It’s our favorite time of year in the SC Office…peony season! If you know anything about us, you know we cannot get enough of these pretty blooms and love working them into styled stock options for you any way that we can. Which is why we are so excited about our newest styled stock launch!

Styled Stock Photography_Shay Cochrane_Peonies Marble and Laptop_01blog

We think you are going to fall hard for the new peony on marble options that have just been released in the SC Stockshop! They are simply perfect for your social media feed, blog posts, and website. And can’t you just picture them all over Pinterest with your text overlaid on top? We sure can!

Styled Stock Photography_Shay Cochrane_Peonies Marble and Laptop_04blog Styled Stock Photography_Shay Cochrane_Peonies Marble and Laptop_02blog

Don’t forget, we only offer 10 downloads for each image. If you don’t want to miss out on incorporating these limited images into your brand, shop now

The SC Team

Spring Shopping Guide: Neutral Espadrilles

Ah, the arrival of Spring…It’s that time of year when we stand in our closets bewildered and bored with our clothing options (first world problems). If you are like me than you want to give your wardrobe a bit of a refresh for Spring but you are just not sure where your money is going to be best spent.

To save you and I both from an impulsive Target spring clothing shopping binge I have elicited the help of my go-to stylist friend Megan Adams to help me to make the most intentional clothing purchases possible this Spring!  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing Spring must-haves that are worth an investment (classic pieces that you will be wearing for years!) as well as the current Spring 2016 clothing trends that are fun to incorporate and you can opt to spend less on.

Our first Spring must-have investment piece is the classic neutral Espadrille!

Espadrilles 2016 Shay Cochrane


When shopping for this Spring and Summer shoe staple here are some do’s and dont’s:


1. Don’t do a massive platform. Make sure it’s tasteful and will last for seasons to come. 1 inch or less is classic.

2. Don’t go cheap. Make sure the Hemp is tightly woven, otherwise it’ll start to fray and look like a disheveled mess (and be a waste of money!)


1.  Find a classic color or pattern. This is a shoes that is meant to be playful and convey that the warmer months are here but to maximize your investment, get a neutral color or a classic versatile pattern that could be paired with the majority of your wardrobe.

2. Shop around. Find something that is comfortable as these tend to be on the higher heal side. You don’t want to dread wearing your espadrilles!

I have taken all the guesswork out of shopping for your new spring wedges and am sharing my favorite neutral espadrilles here!  Can you guess which one’s I took home!?(hint: I’m a sucker for a tall, playful heal and a feminine shape!)

Spring 2016 Espadrille Wedges

Shop my favorite Espadrille picks below!

And you know I could not do this post without playing around with a little product styling with the UGG espadrille wedges that I took home for myself ! I hope you enjoyed the post!

2016 Shay Cochrane


2016 Shay Cochrane
A match made in Heaven!

Have you ever heard the sentiment that when you’re just starting your business you will need to “go ugly early?” Many people believe that unless they can afford a $5k price tag for custom branding (which is not the reality for most new small businesses!) then they will have to sacrifice branding quality until they can afford better. Friend, I simply do not believe this is true!

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Ashlee Proffitt and her incredibly innovative Branding Parlor!

The Branding Parlor offers affordable, luxury, pre-designed Brand Collections for the entrepreneur. Ashlee created The Branding Parlor with you in mind – the discerning entrepreneur who needs a stunning brand from day one but is not ready for the custom price tag. We both want yoube able  to win over your ideal client right away, not 3 years into your business after you have saved up enough money to rebrand. With the Branding Parlor you can have a luxury brand today; fully developed with ALL of the essential brand elements without the scary $4,000 investment. Can you see why we love this idea!?

blogShay Cochrane_Marble Desktop_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktop24For inspiration, Team SC has pulled together one of The Branding Parlor’s luxury brand collections as an example and paired it with our Brand Builder images so that you can take the time and tedious work out of branding.  You could have a complete and stunning rebrand complete with gorgeous custom stock images by the end of the work day today!

Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktop_Black and White-15blogFor example, if you’re aesthetic is classic black and white (like ours!) we recommend that you check out the Branding Parlor’s Luxurious Black & White Brand Collection (featured above). Pair this branding collection with the SC Stockshop’s Black and White Brand Builder, our White on Black Brand Builder or our Black and White on Marble Brand Builder and you have a luxury brand ready to go, at half the price!


We want to see you go gorgeous now friends! Build a brand your clients can trust and rely on today!

The SC Team

New in the shop: Tea Time Styled Stock Photography

Have you seen the pretty pastel tea set image that has just hit the SC Stockshop? We are completely smitten over this “Tea for Two” image and think it would make the perfect addition to your styled stock collection!

Shay Cochrane _Styled StockPhotography_Tea Time-1blog

Incorporate this fresh image into your social media announcements or on your website, use it to advertise your latest products, pop it into your newsletter, or use it as part of your latest blog post! This is the perfect spring image to visually captivate your audience and stop them from scrolling past your content or shop!

Don’t forget, only 10 downloads are available for each image. You’ll want to hurry and shop now so that you don’t miss out! 

The SC Team

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