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New in the shop: We Can’t Get Enough Framebridge

If you loved our last Framebridge + SC Stockshop collaboration, then you are going to jump for joy when I tell you we were just getting started!

Today we have launched 3 new collections of our favorite Framebridge frames in the SC Stockshop! We have two wonderful lifestyle collections so that your customers can visualize your gorgeous prints styled and hanging in their homes. Plus we have a new collection of vertical and horizontal frame sets on white which are perfect for keeping things clean and consistent in your shop.
2013 Shay Cochrane The only thing these styled stock frame images are missing is your stunning work!

These images are being sold in quantities of 10 downloads each and just like the collections before them, we expect them to go fast! If you have been looking for the perfect frame styled stock image to show off your art prints, don’t wait a minute longer! Shop now before it’s too late!

The SC Team

PS: not sure how to add your print to our frames? Check out this step by step tutorial! 

Spring Shopping Guide: Casual Date Night Outfit
Date Night Outfit Spring

If you have hung around the @shaycochrane Instagram feed at all, you know how I feel about dressing up (#scstyleguide).  Most days you will find me with no make-up on in jeans and a J Crew vintage t-shirt but I think getting out of the suburban-mom uniform (yoga pants much?) communicates an important message not only to our daughters about how we value the body that God has given us, but I think it mentally helps us as women when we value ourselves enough to pull an outfit together with intentionality (and I don’t think its bad for our marriages either!).

Thursday night is date night in the Cochrane house and this was my date night outfit last week that I thought I would share here!  A white blazer is a worthwhile investment if you are thinking about updating your wardrobe for Spring.  According to my go-to fashionable friend Megan (you have one of those right?) a crisp white blazer is a must-have closet staple that you will wear forever if you stick to a classic cut and quality fabric.  Pair it with a ribbed gray tank, a pair of jean and your new espadrilles and you are ready for date night and won’t have to fidget with your outfit to stay looking put together!

I’ve pulled a few white blazers below in a variety of price points for your shopping pleasure!


The Placement of Things: Black & White

April is all about refueling and finding creative inspiration here in the SC office.  I’ve taken the month off from commercial work to refuel after a very busy first quarter and am focusing my efforts on building up the collection of styled stock photography in the shop and creating “white space” (pun intended) in my work days to get out of the office and seek creative inspiration.  This afternoon you could find me sitting in a sunny corner of Barnes and Noble with a Caramel Honey latte in my hands flipping through art, food, fashion and decor magazines looking for visual inspiration. One image in particular stuck with me. It was an unlikely subject…vintage brooms and dustpans actually, but I have not been able to get it out of my head since.

That is the power of beautiful styling and product photography. It’s not the subject but what you do with the subject that makes for a memorable image.

At the end of the day I was reminded that what continues to be the most inspiring thing to me is to be working with my hands styling and shooting.  So, I shoot a little mini series that I will share here little by little that I am calling “The Placement of Things.”  It’s nothing fancy but just a challenge for myself to style with the everyday things around my office.  Fun right? More to come friends.

Shay Cochrane_Prop Styling_Product Styling_Flat Layblog


Looking for a little inspiration…

Did you catch our previous blog post on Ashlee Proffitt’s Branding Parlor and why we love it so much? Today we thought we would do a little follow up and offer you some additional branding inspiration, because who doesn’t need to feel inspired now and then?

Soft-Feminine-Inspiration (1)

If you missed it, our sweet friend Ashlee Proffitt created the Branding Parlor as a way for you (the entrepreneur who needs a stunning brand with an affordable price tag) to reach your ideal client from day one. The Branding Parlor offers luxury, pre-designed Brand Collections for the entrepreneur at an affordable rate. How amazing is that?!

Amy Ellid Photography

Today we pulled one of our favorite collections, Graceful Luxury (pictured as first image), and have paired it with one of our favorite SC Stockshop Brand Builder Sets to give branding inspiration for your blush loving heart. Together with Ashlee, our hope is to take the guesswork and the unattainable cost out of your branding by offering you affordable, luxury options that are ready to go.

Amy Ellid Photography Amy Ellid Photography

With the SC Stockshop and the Branding Parlor, you could have a fully ready to-go rebrand before close of business today…at half the price. How inspiring is that!

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