Calling all blue lovers! We know you are out there and we have heard your cries for less pink and more luxury blue styled stock images. Today we are so excited to launch the newest collection in the SC Stockshop featuring various shades of blue styled on luxurious marble. This is seriously one of our favorite collections yet!

WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on Marble04

How do you know if this new collection is right for you?

Simple! Are you looking for a way to build brand recognition and increase your sales and social media engagement? If so, we want to help you do just that through the consistent use of commercial quality imagery! Strong brands can be spotted from a mile away because they communicate a consistent message to their audience. Let me ask you this, what message is your brand currently communicating?  Is it a message that speaks to your target audience? Is it a consistent message that stands out from your competitors?

WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on Marble06Let the SC Stockshop help you connect with your audience across all platforms by offering you a collection to build your brand around! Use this latest Brand Builder Set and the newest vertical and horizontal lifestyle images to communicate a strong, lasting message to your audience!

WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on Marble02

Stand out from the rest, increase traffic, and make higher sales with the help of the SC Stockshop! Shop now and become one of the 10 to download this gorgeous new blue on marble collection!

The SC Team