A lot of times we come across a situation where one of you will see a great post on Instagram or on someone’s website or blog where they mention using the Stockshop and it leaves you asking “How does she do that?!” or more importantly, “How can I do that too?”. We love when you guys email us to ask advice on how you can use the SC Stockshop in your own businesses, but we also thought it might be helpful to highlight some of these ways right here for you!
blogShay Cochrane_Marble Desktop_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktop34Today I want to spotlight our tech images and share several different ways you can incorporate our screen styled stock into your business and branding! These are all quotes and image usages from actual SC Stockshop customers who are happy to share all the ways they love working with our screen images! 

Our hope is that this sparks all sorts of ideas on how you can use our screen images to elevate your own brand! Take a peek below at what others had to say, and then grab your own tech image from the SC Stockshop and get to work!

2013 Shay Cochrane

“I love using Shay’s Styled Desktop Images to show off my monthly desktop wallpapers, ebook designs and website mockups – but using them to share your business mission statement is such a great and new idea! This image is the first thing you see when you get to my website and I love that it shares exactly what I do and who I work with – all while looking fantastic, too!” – Laura Kashner of Laura Kathryn Creative



Each month on the Lily and Val blog we offer a free hand-drawn desktop and iphone wallpaper download! SC Stockshop images are the perfect way to show them off! Have you ever tried to photograph a computer screen? It’s not easy and rarely looks nice. The same goes for ipad and iphone screens! SC Stockshop tech images are some of my favorites. They are so polished, pretty and simple to use.” – Valerie McKeehan, Lily & Val


Amy Ellid Photography

“I love how SC Stockshop images really make my feminine WordPress themes come to life. Having the beautifully styled desktops increase customer confidence as it helps my customers to visualize what their website will look like on their desktop. To enhance the experience, in my Customer Spotlight blog posts I like to feature my customer’s websites on styled stock images. This helps to make the image more realistic and gives the viewer an insight into the different ways just one of our themes can be used. Have you tried using styled stock photos to spark your business?”        – Kathie, Bluchic


HNoelle Brand Board Graphic

In an effort to build brand equity and share a consistent set of visuals across all my platforms, I love utilizing SC Stockshop images on my own Instagram account! But I don’t just stop at sharing quality visuals, as I work hard to integrate engaging captions and images that help tell a story. This image is a recent showcase of a custom logo for a client, which I paired with an image from my collaboration with SC Stockshop. The result is an image that meshes beautifully with my Instagram feed, all while showcasing client work in a professional, luxe way. From Instagram images, to blog graphics, to print collateral, SC Stockshop images serve as the perfect way to create visual consistency! Whenever I share images like this, I always see an increase in engagement from my audience. Whether it’s a comment on a beautiful prop or a compliment on the composition of the graphic as a whole, there’s no denying that people love a little SC Stockshop! And who can blame them? With expertly styled images like this, I can barely peel my eyes away. Knowing that Shay has my back when it comes to styling and photography high quality, luxe images so I can showcase my own work in style makes my life infinitely easier, y’all!” – Bonnie Bakhtiari, B is for Bonnie Design

How will you use your SC Stockshop screen images? We cannot wait to find out!

The SC Team