Here in the SC Stockshop, we aren’t ready to see summer go juuuust yet. If you are like us and are crying for endless summer, you are going to LOVE the newest Tropical Floral additions that have just been added to the shop!

blogStyled Stock Photography_Tropical flowers_SC Stockshop_Orchid Images35
If you have never invested in styled stock photography, floral styled stock is the perfect place to start!

Our floral images are gorgeous enough to be the staple you build your brand around, or they can be the perfect addition to your already established brand! Curious about how to use floral styled stock? Here are a few suggestions!

  1. Promote your products! You can add your products to these images and use them in your shop
  2. Up your social media game! You can add text and share announcements on social media
  3. Freshen up your website! You can use them as your banner website images (like we did!) or as the header in your newsletter
  4. Crop into them! You can crop into them and make buttons for your website or buttons to share with your affiliates for their websites
  5. Print them! These images are stunning when printed for your print collateral like business cards, client proposals, etc.

blogStyled Stock Photography_Tropical flowers_SC Stockshop_Orchid Images36These images truly are some of our most versatile and eye catching because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love stunning luxury florals?!

Find your favorite tropical floral styled stock options by heading to the New Arrivals tab or shop by your brand colors to see which floral option would work best for you! 

The SC Team