We are so excited to launch this new collection because…COOKIES!!

Ok, but seriously. We having been pouring over YOUR survey responses the past two weeks and I (Shay) have been shooting my heart out (okay, that sounded weird) in response to your feedback. We are super excited to be rolling out a lot of FANTASTIC stuff here in the coming weeks and months and that starts right now with this fun little baking collection of styled stock!

These images are perfect for anyone planning on doing any holiday themed posts that they don’t want to be overly “Christmasy” and of course it is also perfect for food bloggers, bakers, lifestyle bloggers and anyone with a pulse who likes cookies and wants to increase engagement through gorgeous images!!

There are 5 images total, including a stinkin’ gorgeous vertical – perfect for blogging and Pinterest. They are sold individually and discounted as a Brand Builder Set.

The only logical thing to do at this point is to go check them out…just remember to wipe the drool off of your desk afterwards. Its all the fun of cookies with none of the calories.

You are welcome.

What other fun baking or cooking images would you like to see in the shop? Comment below and give us your thoughts Рwe read every response!


Shay and the SC Team