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It’s here!!!  72 hrs only. 40% off of EVERYTHING in the Stockshop! 

If you have been following the Stockshop for awhile now then you know that we only do TWO sales a year and this, my friends, is the BIGGEST one! We call it the “Stock Up” sale for good reason!  This is your chance to stock up on all of the images that you have had your eye on (including Brand Builder Sets!) and any images that you think will help you to do business beautifully the remainder of this year!
Ever since we decided to go after more exclusivity for our clients by reduced the download quantity of all of our stock images to only 10 total downloads we sell out of many of our popular images during this sale every year!

If you have been waiting to transform your brand with high quality styled stock then don’t wait a minute longer because it literally does not get any better then this! I am really excited to see your site and brand transformed this year through more intentional and professional imagery and I hope this once a year sale helps you to do business beautifully!

Use the promo code “STOCKUP” to take 40% off in the shop right now!

Sale ends Sunday night 12pm EST.

Happy shopping friends!


Creative at Heart Conference 2016

Friends, I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking once again at the upcoming Creative at Heart conference on July 24-25 in Denver, CO! If you are a creative business owner (or an aspiring creative business owner) and you have not heard of this conference, I promise you’re going to want to find out more!

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This conference was formed to unite small business owners and “inspire the hearts of like-minded creatives”. More than a conference, at Creative at Heart you’ll find a community of like-minded men and women who want to connect, grow, and be inspired in their businesses, together.

View More: of 11 other incredible presenters, I am so thrilled to be speaking once again at this amazing conference (and in beautiful Denver, no less)! I will be sharing on “Finding Your Niche” – Trailblazing and finding your sweet spot! In this session we will talk about finding YOUR sweet spot where organic creativity, authenticity and innovation meet. We will talk about what it takes to dig deep and confidently blaze a trail instead of following one, helping attendees to come away with a renewed vision for how to make the world a better place just by doing that unique thing that you were created to do that is unlike anyone else. All I can say is, I AM EXCITED!

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View More: you going to be there in July? If so, please leave me a comment and let me know so that I can be on the lookout for you! If you’re not registered for July’s conference but are excited to know more about what Creative at Heart has to offer, head on over to their website and read more! Registration for their Memphis conference opens August 8th!



PS: All images were taken by We Are The Mitchells during our Charleston conference last year!

New in the shop: Blue, Teal, and Copper Styled Stock

We cannot get enough of the blue and teal shades of summer! We are thrilled that so many of you loved our recent Blue on Marble Collection but we know that a marble background doesn’t meet everyone’s branding needs. That is why we have released a second version of this collection all on WHITE!

VerticalPromoIf you’ve been lusting after long, lazy days spent seaside then this collection is going to speak to you! Delivered with the same luxurious styling as our most popular pink and gold sets, this new blue, teal, and copper set is perfect for the trendy brand that wants to set itself apart!

WM_Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on white03

We have a new Brand Builder Set, new verticals images for Pinterest and blogging, and new horizontal images that are perfect for headers, websites, Etsy shops, and overlaying your products or digital content! Each image is shot at the highest quality so that you can zoom and crop your way into the tiniest of details! Take one image and make numerous social media announcements, websites buttons, and more. The possibilities are endless!

WM_Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on white07 WM_Shay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on white01

We hope you love this new collection as much as we do! Remember, there are only 10 downloads of each image available so you’ll want to hurry and grab yours today!

The SC Team

New in the shop: Styled Stock in Various Shades of Blue

Calling all blue lovers! We know you are out there and we have heard your cries for less pink and more luxury blue styled stock images. Today we are so excited to launch the newest collection in the SC Stockshop featuring various shades of blue styled on luxurious marble. This is seriously one of our favorite collections yet!

WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on Marble04

How do you know if this new collection is right for you?

Simple! Are you looking for a way to build brand recognition and increase your sales and social media engagement? If so, we want to help you do just that through the consistent use of commercial quality imagery! Strong brands can be spotted from a mile away because they communicate a consistent message to their audience. Let me ask you this, what message is your brand currently communicating?  Is it a message that speaks to your target audience? Is it a consistent message that stands out from your competitors?

WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on Marble06Let the SC Stockshop help you connect with your audience across all platforms by offering you a collection to build your brand around! Use this latest Brand Builder Set and the newest vertical and horizontal lifestyle images to communicate a strong, lasting message to your audience!

WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_Blue on Marble02

Stand out from the rest, increase traffic, and make higher sales with the help of the SC Stockshop! Shop now and become one of the 10 to download this gorgeous new blue on marble collection!

The SC Team

New in the shop: Give me all the white styled stock!

If you know me, you know I love the perfect shade of clean white. Just ask the guys who painted (and re-painted) the white walls in my house haha! Anyone else feel the same?

PromoVerticalIf so, then you are going to LOVE this new white on white set that just launched in the SC Stockshop! Stunning white florals and luxurious white props were sourced and styled to create a one-of-a-kind styled stock collection that you can build your brand around!
WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_White Gold on white03 We want to see you get higher sales, gain more followers and build brand recognition through the consistent use of commercial quality imagery which is why we created the newest Brand Builder Set that now includes a vertical styled image which is perfect for gaining Pinterest traffic! This newest collection also includes new horizontal images, lifestyle hand images, and multiple fully styled vertical images.

Each image is only being sold in quantities of 10. Which means that out of the thousands of you reading this, only 10 of you will have the chance to incorporate these downloads into your brand. Talk about exclusivity!

WMShay Cochrane_Styled Stock Photography_Styled Desktops_White Gold on white06We want to see you connecting with your audience on all of your platforms and want to help you build a lasting, high quality brand that stands out from the rest. If white speaks to you and your branding, you won’t want to miss out on this set! Shop now and do business beautifully!


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