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Spring Shopping Guide: Casual Date Night Outfit
Date Night Outfit Spring

If you have hung around the @shaycochrane Instagram feed at all, you know how I feel about dressing up (#scstyleguide).  Most days you will find me with no make-up on in jeans and a J Crew vintage t-shirt but I think getting out of the suburban-mom uniform (yoga pants much?) communicates an important message not only to our daughters about how we value the body that God has given us, but I think it mentally helps us as women when we value ourselves enough to pull an outfit together with intentionality (and I don’t think its bad for our marriages either!).

Thursday night is date night in the Cochrane house and this was my date night outfit last week that I thought I would share here!  A white blazer is a worthwhile investment if you are thinking about updating your wardrobe for Spring.  According to my go-to fashionable friend Megan (you have one of those right?) a crisp white blazer is a must-have closet staple that you will wear forever if you stick to a classic cut and quality fabric.  Pair it with a ribbed gray tank, a pair of jean and your new espadrilles and you are ready for date night and won’t have to fidget with your outfit to stay looking put together!

I’ve pulled a few white blazers below in a variety of price points for your shopping pleasure!


Spring Shopping Guide: Neutral Espadrilles

Ah, the arrival of Spring…It’s that time of year when we stand in our closets bewildered and bored with our clothing options (first world problems). If you are like me than you want to give your wardrobe a bit of a refresh for Spring but you are just not sure where your money is going to be best spent.

To save you and I both from an impulsive Target spring clothing shopping binge I have elicited the help of my go-to stylist friend Megan Adams to help me to make the most intentional clothing purchases possible this Spring!  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing Spring must-haves that are worth an investment (classic pieces that you will be wearing for years!) as well as the current Spring 2016 clothing trends that are fun to incorporate and you can opt to spend less on.

Our first Spring must-have investment piece is the classic neutral Espadrille!

Espadrilles 2016 Shay Cochrane


When shopping for this Spring and Summer shoe staple here are some do’s and dont’s:


1. Don’t do a massive platform. Make sure it’s tasteful and will last for seasons to come. 1 inch or less is classic.

2. Don’t go cheap. Make sure the Hemp is tightly woven, otherwise it’ll start to fray and look like a disheveled mess (and be a waste of money!)


1.  Find a classic color or pattern. This is a shoes that is meant to be playful and convey that the warmer months are here but to maximize your investment, get a neutral color or a classic versatile pattern that could be paired with the majority of your wardrobe.

2. Shop around. Find something that is comfortable as these tend to be on the higher heal side. You don’t want to dread wearing your espadrilles!

I have taken all the guesswork out of shopping for your new spring wedges and am sharing my favorite neutral espadrilles here!  Can you guess which one’s I took home!?(hint: I’m a sucker for a tall, playful heal and a feminine shape!)

Spring 2016 Espadrille Wedges

Shop my favorite Espadrille picks below!

And you know I could not do this post without playing around with a little product styling with the UGG espadrille wedges that I took home for myself ! I hope you enjoyed the post!

2016 Shay Cochrane


2016 Shay Cochrane
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