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Quick tip for prop styling and product styling

Often times when doing prop styling and product styling, I am faced with the challenge of styling primarily white objects on a white background. One of the simplest ways to add dimension and visual interest to this type of image is to make use of staggering heights and layering of objects. This works especially well when photographing stationery and paper products that are primarily white.

You do not need anything fancy to achieve this. Using rolls of washi tape or putty under your products to separate and allow shadowing will work perfectly. The only thing to be careful of is the tone reflected on the backdrop from whatever is under the product. For example, if you have a roll of red washi tape under a white product you will have a red reflection underneath your product.

This product styling tip is one that I use almost every day and will instantly make your commercial product photography more visually interesting!

Aren’t these cookies by You Can Call Me Sweetie for Sparkle and Shine Darling amazing? I am so excited for special things we have up our sleeve!

LIVE Styling & Product Photography Mentor Class

What many of you don’t know is that I spent 8 years as a wedding and portrait photographer doing good work but struggling to create something authentic and lacking any creative fuel. I loved owning a business and photography was just the fill in the blank. Never in my wildest dreams could have imagined I would be doing what I do today. Honestly, I had no idea it was even in me. What I have found along the way is that it is hard to find good training in commercial photography from both a business and creative perspective. On March 31 I will share what I’ve learned with a limited 15 seat online mentor group. Over half of the seats are already taken. Find out more and grab your spot here!

Getting Schooled: Commercial Product Photography and Styling

I am going to be honest…paving my way in the commercial industry has been hard.  Specifically because it has been really hard to find mentors to learn from for both product styling and the business side of commercial photography.  It’s been a bit of a lonely road trying to figure things out for myself as I go.  Thus far I have been entirely self taught and while that can get you pretty far if you put your mind to it, I would really truly pay nothing to be taught by someone who has been in the trenches of this line of work for a lot longer then I have and can show me the ropes.  With all of that said, these days I am jumping at any chance to learn and am spending some of my free time (aka nap time) working through one of Nicole’s Classes in Tabletop photography.  I have never taken any of her classes before but have heard great things and honestly, I’m just excited to watch someone else work and soak up any details of information that I can.  Here is an image that I created last week just playing around with the homework for week 1 of her course.

Here you can see the unedited SOOC image and then my quick edits to product the final image.  I am no product editing master and have always kept my editing very simple (aka I have the photoshop prowess of a preschooler).  Take a peek!

In other unrelated news, we just sent out the free February styled stock desktop image to our newsletter subscribers!  If you are not on the list you can join here.  We send out monthly e-mails to help you grow in your business savvy and we like to help you to do business beautifully with monthly free stock images!

Happy Thursday friends!

Unedited Before

2015 Shay Cochrane

Edited After

2015 Shay Cochrane

Looking for the perfect Brand Builder set for YOUR business?

Have you ever wished that there were a Brand Builder Set in the SC Stockshop that matches YOUR brand?! Well, here’s your chance! We want to get to know you and your brand better and give two lucky businesses the chance to have their brand board chosen as the inspiration for the next two SC Stockshop Brand Builder styled desktop stock image sets! All week long we are asking you to introduce yourself and share your brand board on Instagram for the chance to be selected.  Here’s what you will need to do to ensure that we see your entry:

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Interview with Go4Pro Photos
Ep59_Shay Cochrane.NoPlay

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Leah Remillet from Go4Pro Photos for one of her Video Fridays. If you are a photographer and are not familiar with Leah or Go4Pro Photos, you must check it out immediately! Leah is a professional photographer who opened her business is 2008. She has since grown her business and expanded her focus to reach other professional photographers, with the mission of helping them achieve success. She speaks a lot about the difficult journey owning business aims to be a friend on the lonely road of entrepreneurship.  You can tell why I like her so much!

Leah offers mentor sessions, retreats, and workshops through her training program The Thriving Photographer and offers amazing free resources for professional photographers through Go4Pro Photos. Go4Pro is an excellent resource for photographers where Leah’s focus is on her “three P’s: Purpose, Passion, and Profits”. I highly recommend you check out her site and see for yourself all of the excellent content she has shared. If you are looking for a place to start, I personally enjoyed the interview on Building a Luxe Senior Photography Brand with Amanda Holloway (who I am actually traveling to Texas to shoot for next week!) and the Q&A on Photography Business Competition. Or you can start with my interview on Product & Photography Styling below.

Leah and I are also giving away an exclusive free Stock image to readers along with a little e-book on how you can incorporate styled photography into your brand aesthetic. You can pick that up for yourself on Leah’s blog. Thank you again Leah. It was truly an honor to be interviewed and featured!

Shay Cochrane Photography Freebie


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