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Spring Shopping Guide: Casual Date Night Outfit
Date Night Outfit Spring

If you have hung around the @shaycochrane Instagram feed at all, you know how I feel about dressing up (#scstyleguide).  Most days you will find me with no make-up on in jeans and a J Crew vintage t-shirt but I think getting out of the suburban-mom uniform (yoga pants much?) communicates an important message not only to our daughters about how we value the body that God has given us, but I think it mentally helps us as women when we value ourselves enough to pull an outfit together with intentionality (and I don’t think its bad for our marriages either!).

Thursday night is date night in the Cochrane house and this was my date night outfit last week that I thought I would share here!  A white blazer is a worthwhile investment if you are thinking about updating your wardrobe for Spring.  According to my go-to fashionable friend Megan (you have one of those right?) a crisp white blazer is a must-have closet staple that you will wear forever if you stick to a classic cut and quality fabric.  Pair it with a ribbed gray tank, a pair of jean and your new espadrilles and you are ready for date night and won’t have to fidget with your outfit to stay looking put together!

I’ve pulled a few white blazers below in a variety of price points for your shopping pleasure!


Momma said there’d be days like this.

Just a little something FREAKIN’ ADORABLE to brighten your day!

Momma said there'd be days like this. Commercial Photographer Shay Cochrane 2015. Ipad mini. Apple iphone. www.shaycochrane.com

The things you do to your kids when you are a commercial photographer.  T-shirt from Little Adi Co.

Momma said there'd be days like this. Commercial Photographer Shay Cochrane 2015. Ipad mini. Apple iphone. www.shaycochrane.com


Any excuse to wear a gold sequins blazer.

Sooooo, as many of you know by now, my bestie Ashlee and I shared some big news yesterday on the blog and Instagram!  This super exciting collaboration has been a long time coming and so, of course, we needed to have a best friend photo shoot for all of the (shameless) self promotion that we would be doing!  Its pretty sad that Ashlee and I have almost no pictures together in almost 14 years of friendship.  So, needless to say, a best friend photo shoot was in order and in celebration of the launch yesterday I thought that I would share some of the images with you along with some of the fun outtakes and details behind the shoot!  You will actually see this first set of images again in another secret project that Ashlee and I have in the works! Shhhhh!

Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1890 Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1891

For this shoot we brought in our friend and clothing stylist Megan Adams who pulled from our closets to create two looks for us – one casual and one…let’s say “fancy”.  For the first look we wanted something dressy casual, polished but approachable, fun and also representative of our two different brands and styles! (You got that all Megan?)  For Ashlee that meant boyfriend jeans, nude heels, a classic white t-shirt and a silk blush pink J Crew bomber jacket that she borrowed from my closet.  To compliment this look with a “Shay” spin Megan pulled white denim, my favorite gray J Crew t-shirt, strappy black heels and a black lightweight H&M blazer that she pulled from Ashlee’s closet (real friends share clothes right!?).  Megan pulled it all together in a way that represented us each individually while looking cohesive for the shoot.  I can’t wait to tell you what this first set of images is for but thats news for another day! Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1892 Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1893 Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1894 Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1895 Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1896

We are goobers when you get us together so Laura of CIHI photo had her work cut out for her!  Laura is a mutual friend and super talented portrait photographer. We shot in Davis Island on the most perfect little street as a massive storm rolled in. I’m not even kidding. By the end of the shoot the whole street was without electricity! Despite having almost no light, Laura made it happen!  We love you Laura!Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1897

The second portion of the shoot was going to be used for the launch of our new line of inspiration wall art for the stylish home so we knew that we wanted this look to be a bit, shall we say, fancier!  For this look Megan put Ashlee in black fitted pants with a beautiful mixed media black blouse and nude pumps. How smokin’ hot is Ashlee is all black!? (She will hate me for saying that! tehehe) For me she pulled my favorite leather pants, white t-shirt, strappy black shoes and this phenomenal gold sequins Sam Edelman blazer that I picked up earlier this year for a special occasion (perfect right?)!

SA (145 of 169)blog Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1899

Megan  was on hand for the whole shoot to ensure that not a messy cuff or sloppy tuck was out of place. Seriously, everything in the #scstyleguide I learned from her!  She is phenomenal and does closet consultations, personal shopping, and wardrobing styling for events (and every day life!). I would be lost without her.  If you are drowning in a closet full of mediocre stuff you don’t wear with no idea where to even start to be fashionable – she is your girl!

SA (113 of 169blog) Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1901 Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1902

This next one is possibly my favorite from this set!  I love this girl.

Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1903 Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Collaborate+Tampa+Florida_1904

Warning, sometimes in a best friend photo shoot things start to get awkward when people walk by wondering what in the world you are doing… and you tend to fill that awkward with…more awkwardness. haha

SA (136 of 169)blog

SA (153 of 169)blogAnd now, for the best part!  Enjoy a little behind the scenes goofiness.  Because, lets be honest, I’m not really cool enough to be in black leather pants and a gold sequins blazer. haha

Outtakes+Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Tampa+Florida_1907 Outtakes+Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Tampa+Florida_1908 Outtakes+Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Tampa+Florida_1910 Outtakes+Ashlee+Proffitt+Shay+Cochrane+Tampa+Florida_1911 Outtakes-Ashlee-Proffitt-Shay-Cochrane-Tampa-Florida_1912-700x524

Thank you Megan and Laura for your help pulling this fun little shoot together!  If you missed the big reveal yesterday then take a peek below!  Thanks friends!

Newsletter-1 Shay-Composite 2015 Shay Cochrane Web-Address
Inspiration art for the stylish home: A palm print collaboration



I am SO excited I can barely contain myself!  Many of you already follow my talented bestie Ashlee Proffitt. She and I have been scheming about a print collaboration together for YEARS but never felt like it was the right idea, or the right time (you know the feeling!) until we created this.

2015 Shay Cochrane APxSC-Introducing-Instagram

Vibrant photography mixed with graphic text resulting in inspirational art that is on point for the stylish home!  The collection contains four 11×14 individual art prints that read home, love, hope and rest.



We carefully and thoughtfully selected each of these particular words because we need them to be constant reminders within the walls of our own homes and truly hope that they will be an encouragement and sweet reminder in your home as well!

2015 Shay Cochrane

We are also very excited to have created a stunning and dramatic 24×30 fine art palm photographic print that is a focal point either on its own or when paired with a smaller print. Gorgeous right?!  This idea was born out of looking all over for the right oversized wall art for my newly renovated living room and not finding anything that really was a great fit.  So, I created something for my own home that I hope you will love in your home as well!  Palms are SO in right now but are sure to stand the test of time and for someone who has trouble committing to an accent color, I know that I can never go wrong when I bring natural greens into a space!

2015 Shay Cochrane


Free Gift

We are over the moon excited about this collaboration and hope that you love it as well! And to sweeten the deal, the first 25 orders will receive a FREE 5×7 version of the palm photographic print to layer with your new wall art!

You know you want one! Pick out yours here.

Hope-Shay-Sm-2 Web-Address

Would this print be perfect for your shop? Wholesale inquiries please contact us at info@ashleeproffitt.com

Free Styled Stock Images For You!

Let me ask you a question friends, who here doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do! That is why each month it gives me so much joy to send out free styled stock images to everyone signed up for my SC Insiders Newsletter!

2013 Shay Cochrane

The free monthly download goes out around the first of each month and I also like to share what I am learning, struggling with, or working through in business at the time. So you get to hear more from me personally, receive any helpful business gems I have come across that month, and get your free monthly styled stock image download!

2013 Shay Cochrane

This month readers received several free image downloads and I really don’t want you to miss out! If you love these fun, tropical palm leaf images, then you will love getting free styled stock images straight to your inbox each month! Each month I send a different styled stock image that is available for immediate download to be used to promote your blog, business, shop products, workshop, and more. How fun is that?!

2013 Shay Cochrane

I really love connecting with readers each month through the newsletter and it’s not too late to sign up! And because I wouldn’t want you to miss out, I have included the Instagram square images from this month’s newsletter here in this post, yay! To download any of the palm styled stock images you see in this post, simply click the image and then right click and save to your computer. Be sure to tag the #scstockshop and @scstockshop when you use it so I can celebrate your business, blog, and products with you!

2013 Shay Cochrane

We would love to get your free monthly image downloads to you! Sign up to become an SC Insider today!



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