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Spring Portrait Day is here!


Spring portrait day is here again!  Spring mini sessions can be used for any type of shoot from engagement sessions to family portraits to updating your children’s yearly photos [newborns not included]. I can generally fit multiple children into the same mini session.  All sessions will take place in a beautiful Wesley Chapel, FL location this year.

There are 6 time slots available (see below) and spots are filled quickly on a first come first serve bases!  E-mail me at info@shaycochrane.com to book your time slot!  YAY!

Available time slots:










Marriage Monday: Do you still like me?

“I know you love me…but do you still like me?”

I have found myself asking Graham this question a lot in the past year. 10 years into our relationship, 7 years into our marriage, 2 kids, two states, three houses and countless challenges later we are really good partners.  We help each other.  We love each other. We appreciate each other. But the constant, urgent, exhausting nature of this season of life with young kids has distanced the friendship in a way that makes me often question whether he still actually likes me.  Despite seeing the very worst of me does he still find me fun, funny, charming, or just needy and frustrating. haha. I know that I am not alone in this feeling.

I have been working on the wedding of a really sweet couple that I shot a few weeks ago.  When I look at their pictures I smile because what is so evident and refreshing is their friendship and enjoyment of each other.  Now, I am no marriage expert…but if I have learned anything, it is that genuine, transparent, selfless friendship is crucial to a healthy marriage. And you know what?  What comes so effortlessly easy in those early days becomes something that you have to intentionally fight for as the years go on.  And that is ok.  Actually, its more then ok.  I think God uses those awkward moments when you are sitting across from your spouse without anything to talk about other than the kids to 1)make us rely on Him (God, help me to be a good friend and spouse.  Help us to reconnect.) 2) to force us out of our selfishness (I can either work on this or I can be selfish and wait for him to make the first move and be bitter if he doesn’t) and 3) to really challenge us to ask what marriage is all about.  Is it really all about my happiness, pleasure, enjoyment fulfillment and when I don’t feel that any more then it’s time to move on?  That’s what the world would say isn’t it?  But the scriptures would tell me that marriage is about much more and that the “much more” is worth it. And I believe it.  I have seen it for myself.

We are working to rekindle the friendship.  Regular date nights help.  Long conversations help. Being honest about the situation helps. Asking meaningful questions helps. Growing together spiritually really helps. Breaking out of the routine and doing something fun and new helps. Putting each other before the kids helps. Prayer helps.  I’m praying that this year is one where, despite life likely only getting crazier, we will take the time to brush the dust off of the amazing friendship that brought us together all those years ago. And by God’s grace I am able to see it happening even now.





NO GIRLS ALLOWED!…(well, except mom)

I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know and work with Natalie and her husband Steve over the past two years and this photo shoot has been a long time coming! When Nat e-mailed about the shoot it went something like this…(paraphrased and embellished for dramatic effect) “I have four boys…as in loud, tuff, messy, goofy, rough-housing boys. They range in age from 2-16. So…I just want pictures that are real. No docile girly family photo sitting in a wheat field. No matching gingham outfits. No confetti. Just real.”

We were obviously a match made in heaven because REAL is my favorite!

If you havn’t heard me go on and on about Natalie before, then you need to go check out her site Chic Sweets and get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate (or iced tea if you are here in FL where it is a balmy 75 degrees out) and take a spin around my blog where I have featured her delicious work a few times.

Natalie and Steve – thank you for trusting me with your family and most of all for just being you and showing what real,messy, silly, wonderful, family-love looks like.

Break out those Christmas Jammies!

FACT: Sometimes I am jealous of my client’s photos. haha. Such is the case with this ridiculously, amazingly, unbelievably cute christmas shoot that I just did with my sweet friends the Fennig family.  Abby was inspired by a precious shoot to put together a fun Christmas themed shoot of our own featuring christmas plaid pajama-clad kiddos, a white bed and all kinds of fun goodies like feathers, christmas cookies and their favorite christmas book to read as a family.  Don’t even ask how this amazing (and heavy!) bed made it out into the middle of a field.  Thats a determined mom (and suckered-in dad) for you!  Now if only we could have arranged for some snow instead of the 70 degree FL “winter” weather. Warning: you will be tempted to put this video on repeat just to keep listening to the fun Sufjan Stevens Christmas song! enjoy!

Fennig Christmas: Tampa Family Photographer from Shay Cochrane on Vimeo.

Proffitt Family {Part 1}

Three boys later, the Proffitts got their baby girl and that, my friends, called for a very special mommy daughter photo shoot!  We did this little “bedroom session” at the very start of what I will just have to call the Proffitt family mega-shoot which included this mommy-and-me session, Ms. Adelee’s 4 month portraits, and a sibling session all followed by an outdoor family session, daddy-and-me session and some sweet couples shots at the end. Phew!  Would you even believe that we got the whole “bedroom” portion (shots below) of this shooting extravaganza done in about 30 minutes!?  And lest you think, “my children would NEVER be able to do that!” don’t be fooled; this shoot was not devoid of  tears, crankiness, sibling rivalry, chaos and plenty of candy for bribing! haha.  Kids will be kids but it’s the final shots that count and these have to be some of my favorite shots to date (Nevermind that I always think that! haha)

Part 2 coming soon!  Happy Friday friends!

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