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Almost weekly I get an e-mail that sounds like this…

“I would really like to get into product styling and photography but just don’t know where to begin!” 

From working with the right gear to getting your feet wet in the commercial industry, the information is hard to come by and the mentoring opportunities even more limited.  That, my friends, is why I have created this LIVE online mentoring event for you!

What this live mentoring event will cover:

The content of the live mentoring event is all about YOU and answering your specific and unique questions as a mentor group.  The group size of each live session is limited to only 15 participants and each participant is asked to submit their most pressing questions and concerns ahead of time for me to study and prepare answers for!  I spend hours customizing a presentation that covers the key topics on everyone’s mind and the live event then focuses on discussing the content and getting your questions answered! For this reason no two live mentor sessions are ever the same!! The format will be fun, casual, highly personalized, and conversational so that together we are making sure that you walk away more confident that you can do this!

Topics generally covered include:

Just as if we met over coffee, I am an open book. Any knowledge that I have is yours and the format is such that you will be able to ask questions live as they come to you in addition to the questions that you have submitted ahead of time.  The small mentor group size (10 participants) and the two and a half hour time block will ensure that everyone walks away with their specific questions answered!

But don’t take my word for it…here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the last LIVE mentor session on styling and product photography:


“Shay has SO much to offer to the photography community. Her willingness to share her experiences openly makes her really stand out as an accessible and helpful teacher. I loved the small group format of the mentor session – it allowed me to be heard and known as an attendee. Anyone who is interested in launching a product photography business should invest in this mentor session!” 


“THANK YOU for last week’s mentor session! It was a game changer for me and really gave my SO much encouragement!” 


“I’ve long admired Shay’s work and have been especially drawn to her latest endeavors in the area of product photography — her shots are amazingly creative, inspired, bright, and colorful….participating in the online workshop was the perfect way to get a peek behind the scenes into how these kinds of images are made!”


Ready for the details?

2013 Shay Cochrane

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